Monday, February 5, 2024

MVDaudio artist: Bob Holz - Holz-Stathis: Collaborative - New Release Review

 I just had the opportunity to review the most recent release, Holz-Stathis: Collaborative from Bob Holz and it's packed with power. Opening with The Tunnel, drummer Bob Holz sets a tight riff joined by Ric Fierabracci with a funky bass line. Randy Brecker is full out on the refrain but when his gets his slot really lays in some nice chops. Dean Brown rips it up on guitar and Billy Steinway on keys give the track it's own glow. World Turned Upside Down has a cool wandering melody featuring John MacLaughlin on guitar, Jean Luc Ponty on violin, Ralphe Armstrong on bass, and James Moody on acoustic guitar. With it's jagged rhythm, Holz really holds it tight and McLaughlin's soloing is excellent and Ponty is always magical when with McLaughlin so this is a treat. Latin flavored, Palo Viejo, features some real nice flute lead and solid sax work from Brandon Fields. With Fierabracci on bass, Alex Acuna on percussion, and Holz really kicking it on drums, this is one of my favorite tracks on the release. Holz and Darryl Jones create a bottom that really kicks on You Can Get It and Brecker's sensitivity on trumpet really shines. David Goldberg and Ada Rovatti on sax are flat out. Hot track for sure. The angular attack of Jamie Glaser on guitar complimented by Holz tight work on drums gives Flight of Fancy real fuel. Armstrong on bass really forms up a strong bass solo and the addition of Karen Briggs on violin works perfectly. Very cool track. Wrapping the release is Lookin' Back over some deep funk by Benjamin Shepherd on bass and Steinway on keys. Brecker, Rovatti and Goldberg pair up nicely on melody and Holz really holds on tight for some rich sax and trumpet soloing and support guitar soloing by Brown. Excellent closer. 

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