Thursday, December 28, 2023

Blue Heart Records artist: Mike Bourne Band featuring Johnny Burgin - Crusin' Kansas City - New Release Review

 I just had the opportunity to review the most recent release, Crusin' Kansas City, from Mike Bourne Band and it's straight up rockin' blues. Opening with laid back title track, Crusin' Kansas City with my man Johnny Burgin on guitar with Mike Bourne, Patrick Recob on bass, and Dave Creighton on organ. Cool opener. Swing track, Lose Your Rings, Keep Your Fingers features Bourne on lead vocal and beefy organ work by Creighton. Burgin steps up with his hot, stylistic guitar soloing giving the track real sting. Morganfield sound permeates, Hollow Man with John Paul Drum on harmonica and Bourne on vocal. Adam Hagerman on on drums and Recob on bass keep the bottom tight and understated slide work adds nicely to the set. Loose With The Truth is absolutely my favorite track on the release with real nice vocal work by Bourne, a featured trumpet solo by Greg Hopkins a cool sax solo and Johnny Burgin loose with some of the signature, blistering guitar work that makes him one of my contemporary favorites. Sam Treinen blows some righteous R&B style sax on The One and Burgin really digs in deep with a rich solo of his own giving Bourne a strong platform for his soulful vocals. Dangerous Game is another of my favorites with it's swampy indie rocker feel. I really like how the track just lays in it's discolored groove and Bourne rides high on his vocal style. Burgin again steps in with reckless abandon on guitar and this is really something that he shines at. Great contrast for the release. Wrapping the release is slow blues, Kansas City Grease, featuring Johnny Iguana on delicious piano, Big D Ericson on lush harmonica, solid guitar work from Bourne, Rob Lorenz on drums and Mike Grinns on bass. This is a strong closer for a real entertaining release. 

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