Thursday, November 9, 2023

Little Village artist: Marcel Smith - From My Soul - New Release Review

 I just had the opportunity to review the most recent release, From My Soul, by Marcel Smith and it's sopping with soul. Opening with I'm Coming Home to You, a cool, traditional soul tune that could literally come from the 60's with it's excellent lead vocal by Marcel Smith, background vocals by The Sons of the Soul Revivers and featuring Kid Andersen on guitar, Mike Rinta on trombone, D'Mar Martin on drums, Endre Tarczy on bass, Jim Pugh on keys, Aaron Lington on sax, and John Worley on trumpet. Very cool. Wake Me When It's Over is one of my favorites on the release with it's perfect melody, lightly applies backing of Tarczy on bass, D'Mar on drums and a vibraphone solo by Andersen supporting the lush vocals of Smith. Drunk is a tight R&B track with hot percussion by Jon Otis, a brassy trombone solo by Rinta, and sassy horn work by Worley all tied together by Smith's magnetic vocals. Nothing Left To Burn really moves with terrific vocals by Smith and excellent guitar work by Andersen, all over the solid bottom of D'Mar and Tarczy and Rinta, Lington and Worley. Very nice. Smith does a real nice duet with Lisa Leuschner Andersen on My Heart Told A Lie, a soulful track with plenty of radio appeal. Wrapping the release is Barry Gibbs' classic track, How Can You Mend a Broken Heart performed live. Smith's vocals are rich and soulful, backed by Andersen and Pugh applies the heat on organ really making this a powerful, gospel like closer. Really nice release. 

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  1. Thanks for the nice review!
    This is Kid Andersen here, and I appreciate you bringing some attention to my friend and great artist Marcel Smith!
    One correction, on “Wake Me When It’s Over” it is actually me, not Jim, playing the solo and intro, and it is not an electric piano, it is a vibraphone :)
    Of course, there’s no real way you could have known that, because we listed me in the credits as playing “guitar and miscellaneous instruments” since I played so many (and I also kind of dig having some mystery, like old records that say “personell unknown” hehe)
    Keep up the awesome work, Bman!

    1. Thanks Kid. Love your work. Maybe see you in Phx.