Thursday, May 11, 2023

CAP Records artist: Eric Goletz - Standard-ized - New Release Review

 I just had the opportunity to review the most recent release, Standard-ized, by Eric Goletz and it's really enjoyable. Opening with Charlie Parker's Now's The Time, bandleader and trombonist, Eric Goletz shows exceptional skill on trombone with an excellent lead solo, followed by Don Braden on soprano sax. With Henry Heinitsh's strong guitar work, Jim Ridl laying in a really nice piano solo of his own, Brian Glassman on bass, and Steve Johns on drums, this is a great opener. On a more solitude take on Juan Tizol's Caravan, Goletz shows what great trombone tone is with nicely inventive phrasing. Joe Mowatt percussion on this track adds a lot of depth and Goletz lets it all hang out on his solo and in tandem with Ridl on piano. Add in strings by Robin Zeh and Paul Woodiel on violin, David Gold and Michael Roth on viola, Sarah Hewitt -Roth on cello and Brian Glassman on contra bass, this track really is cool. Eden Ahbez's, Nature Boy really is a showcase for Lajuan Carter on lead vocal and she does a really nice job. Gershwin's Summertime really gets kicked up a notch with a Latin rhythm by Glassman and Johns and Ridl anchoring on piano. Goletz's solo on this track is vibrant, further enhanced by Ridl's bright piano soloing. Very nice. Stanley Turrentine's Sugar really throws Goletz out front of this trio layout with a lot of sliding and articulate runs over a great bass line of Glassman and Johns on drums. Stevie Wonder's Overjoyed, is the solid radio ballad for the track with Goletz laying down a solid piano loead and then doing a straight melodic solo on trombone. This really is a strong release (and I love jazz trombone) so if you're's definitely worth the listen. 

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