Friday, April 28, 2023

Phenix Fire Records artist: Vanessa Collier - Live at Power Station - New Release Review

 I just had the opportunity to review the most recent release, Live at Power Station, from Vanessa Collier and it's energetic. Opening with The Run Around, Collier has the mic vocally and on sax on a driving rocker. With the incredible Laura Chavez on guitar, William Gorman on keys, Andrew Crane on bass, and Byron Cage on drums, this is a bright opener. Rolling, Whiskey and Women has a really nice feel and is a grat showcase for Collier's voice. Chavez lays in a solid solo and Collier caps on the track with a nasty solo of her own. Sweatin' Like A Pig, Singin'' Like An Angel has a cool, swampy New Orleans styling and I really like the interplay between Chavez and Collier instrumentall over the tight bottom provided by Cage and Crane. Excellent track. On Chris Smither's, Love Me Like A Man  Chavez really shines and Collier not only really rips it vocally but gets a great groove going on her sax. Excellent track. Pulling out her James Brown funkiness on Tongue Tied and Chavez pulling  a strong grinding rhythm on guitar, Coolier shows great vocal feel. Gorman solos on electric keys and Collier expands on Maceo's lineage. Wrapping the release is rock and roller, Two Parts Sugar, One Part Lime and Chavez shows her rocking style. Collier solos in her best R&B style and the track is a runaway train. With boogie piano by Gorman and a tight bottom by Crane and Cage, this is an excellent closer for a really enjoyable release. 

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