Monday, February 27, 2023

Gulf Coast Records artist: Eric Demmer - So Fine - New Release Review

 I just had the opportunity to review the most recent release, So Fine, from Eric Demmer, and it's a funky slice or blues rock. Opening with Don't Talk To Me, Eric Demmer on lead vocal and sax leads the way, backed by Jerre Jackson on drums, Dennis Delfino on bass, Hugo Rodriguez on guitar, and Barry Seelen on keys. This s**t is funky and Demmer really knows how to sauce it up. Great opener. What Was I Thinking has a real Frank Zappa story like feel with terrific backing vocals by Melanie Covington and excellent sax work by Demmer. Jordan Almes on drums, and Rick Marcel on rhythm guitar add nicely to the funk. Soulful blues, Start It All Again, showcases Demmer's vocal's and Rodriguez lays down some really nice riffs making his one of my favorite tracks on the release. Another really bluesy track, Let Me Go, digs deep with some of Demmer's sexiest sax work on the release. Simmering in B3 by Shawn Allen, another strong track. Any Day Get Away really moves toward a Tower of Power feel with the Grooveline Horns guesting (Carlos Sosa, Fernando Castillo and Raul Vallejo). Danielle Demmer has the mic on lead vocal and does a real nice job with Jordan Almes on drums. Very nice. Wrapping the release us up tempo Have You Ever Loved A Woman with Rodrigues driving the train with his guitar line and overlaid scorching solo. Jackson's drum rhythm is tight and Eric Demmer rips a hole in it on sax. Solid closer.  

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