Thursday, May 26, 2022

Hyperspace Records artist: Star People - Black Tie & Tales - New Release Review

 I just had the opportunity to review the most recent release, Black Tie & Tales, from Star People and it's an adventurous project. Opening with I, Starman, William Olland, Paul Gifford and Lorenza Ponce blend soft vocals over a predominantly keyboard backing by Scott Treibitz, creating a progressive kind of mix with solid violin contributions by Ponce, and with Randy Pratt on bass and Phil Weiss on drums. Pretty cool. Funky, "Queen of Space" has the melody and rhythm of a radio track with wide open guitar sound by Robert Dean and a jazzy piano solo by Treibitz. Electronic based. A Trillion Miles To Hollywood changes up the pace with electronic rhythms, synthesizers and vocals. Hot Blue Star rolls further into a rock genre with theatrical vocal presentation, and instrumentation. Hot guitar riffs by Dean and Jesse Berlin. A comprehensive theme running throughout this 2 cd set extends the aggressive soundtrack like nature of the release with solid  drum rhythms by TC Tolliver and spatial keys by Treibitz, and guitar soloing by Dean. Ponce really commands the floor with lead vocals on The Morning Star joined by a tight drum rhythm by Tolliver and some of the hottest guitar riffs on the release by Berlin. Wrapping the release is Exit, Stage Left, opening with a loose, Tom Waits style but quickly reengaging a more futuristic, spatial performance with echoed vocals and sci fi sounds over the funky bass work of Randy Pratt and Tolliver on drums. This release isn't for everyone but it is interesting and different. 

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