Wednesday, June 23, 2021

Blue Heart Records artist: Adam Schultz - Soulful Distancing - New Release Review

 I just had the opportunity to review the most recent release, Soulful Distancing, from Adam Schultz and it's a cool release with a strong soulful base. Opening with Johnny Guitar Watson's massive hit, A Real Mother For Ya, featuring Clarence Spady on lead vocal and guitar, Adam Schultz on guitar, Dan Cohen on bass, Sharon O'Connell on drums, Robert O'Connell on organ and Scott Brown on piano. Schultz phrasing is natural and "Watson like' making for a fun opener. Spady's lead vocal continues on Louis Jordan's Early In The Morning with it's Latin beat and BB King lke guitar phrasing by Schultz.
Adding cool sax solo work by Tom Hamilton, another cool entry. Original R&B track, Good Conversation, features Michael Angelo on lead vocal and George Benson like lead guitar phrasng by Schultz and really nice bass work by Jon Ventre.  Ekat Pereyra has the mic on soul track, Have Some Faith, a real nice track with solid radio appeal. With a twist of funky juice, Schultz takes the track on a little detour adding just the right guitar spice before returning to this straight up soul track. Breaking out Tyrone Davis' Can I Change My Mind, Spady is back up front on vocal and Schultz plays in the pocket nicely with fluid jazz/R&B guitar runs over George Benson like rhythm work by Spady, rich sax work by Hamilton and Cohen on bass. Wrapping the release is a faithful redo of Roosevelt Sykes' 44 Blues with Spady on lead vocal, O'Connell on organ, Sharon O'Connell on drums, Cohen on bass. Schultz lays down some stiff riffs giving the track plenty of sting making this a cool closer.  

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