Wednesday, November 11, 2020

American Blues Artist Group: Dudley Taft - Cosmic Radio - New Release Review

 I just had the opportunity to review the most recent release, Cosmic Radio, from Dudley Taft and it's reinforces Taft's reputation as a blues rocker with dark metallic overtones. Opening with title track, Cosmic Radio, Taft and company storm into the grooves with that trademark pounding rhythm and well blended vocals by Taft and Ashley Charme. High energy blues rocker, The Devil mixes traditional blues riffs and more modern metal style figures giving this track a hot rocking sound with Taft's fluid finger work and vocals. Backed by Kasey Williams on solid bass and Walfredo Reyes Jr. on drums this track hums. I like the modified funk bass line on One In A Billion with it's almost stroll tempo. The classic metal overtones in Taft's work always gives it a classic rock sound and the blues undertones gives it a fine complexity. Blues ballad, Relentless, features lead vocal by Taft's daughter, Ashley Charmae, and with it's radio craving melody and nicely crafted lead guitar solo, it's likely to be the top player choice. One of my favorites on the release is lumbering, All For One with it's heavy bottom and fused vocals and jagged, obtuse guitar soloing. A lighter footed approach on I'm A Believer uses vocal dynamics and snappy drum work propelling Taft's soaring guitar lead to real advantage. Wrapping the release is soft ballad, I Will Always Love You with almost the texture of Queen with smooth vocal lead and warm harmonies. Solid closer for a cool release. 

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