Wednesday, January 22, 2020

Brad Heller - The Sentence - New Release Review

I just had the opportunity to review the most recent release, The Sentence, from Brad Heller and it's honest, straight forward, radio style folk rock. Opening with Eternal Season, with it's jangly amplified acoustic guitar strum and single stroke snare simplicity, singer /songwriter Brad Heller newest release could be filling the void left by the departure of Tom Petty. His lyrics are strong and his vocals solid. Title track, The Sentence, is subtle in acoustic instrumentation with only the hint of guitar and drums by Ronn Pifer accompanying Heller's vocal, storytelling melody and with harmony by Ted Crenshaw. The Greatest Crime is a strong alt country track, again with very simple drum rhythm, featuring some of Heller's best vocals, paired with Adrian Varnam and clean electric guitar work by Crenshaw and Zeke Roland. Folk track, Chasing Wolves is another favorite with a strong vocal line and warm vocal harmonies by Varnam, smooth lead guitar soloing and rich organ work by Phil Bevilacqua and Heller's own harmonica. Very nice. Another favorite folk style track is Eucharist, with a natural swaying rhythm and fat slide guitar wailing under the melody. Wrapping the release is The Garden Tree, a well poised track with rich organ underlayment and firm acoustic guitar rhythm. Heller's vocals and songwriting are consistently solid throughout the release making for a relaxing listen. 

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