Friday, April 12, 2019

Borealis Records artist: Michael Jerome Browne - That's Where It's At! - New Release Review

I just had the opportunity to review the most recent release, That's Where It's At!, from Michael Jerome Browne and it's quite fine. Opening with acoustic jazz instrumental, Don't Ask Me Why, Browne shows fleet fingered accuracy backed by the light and tight drum work of John Mc Colgan. Smoking opener with great chops. On shuffle track, Black Nights, Browne slips on the slide and settles down in a nice groove with bluesy vocals and again, Mc Colgan on drums. Harrison Kennedy joins on vocals on traditional delta blues styled Pharaoh, rich in tradition and earthy wealth. Very nice. Remember When is a cool folk ballad with clean acoustic picking and featuring vocal duet with Roxanne Potvin. Very clean. Rolling into Al Green's Here I Am (Come And Take Me) showing that Brown not only has the blues but a rich soul. His vocals are soulful and his guitar playing strong and supportive. Randy Newman's, Lousiana 1927, never sounded so sweet with solid vocals, intimate guitar soloing and sweet phrasing. Very nice. Where Is The Song? is a really nicely crafted closer for this truly remarkable acoustic folk/jazz/blues release. Browne's vocals and guitar work are very strong and his writing is really clean. Looking forward to hearing this on the home system at my leisure.

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