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Monday, May 22, 2017

"Blues in the Schools" Presented by Long Beach Blues Society


  (Long Beach, CA) - The newly-formed Long Beach Blues Society presents Blues in the Schools, an exciting new program bringing together musically-inclined high school students and professional blues artists, coming to Renaissance High School for the Arts, 235 E. 8th St.,  Thursday, May, 25, from 1pm-2:40pm.

  Students will experience a hands-on opportunity to work with established blues musicians who'll encourage and push them to achieve confidence in their musical development.  Through direction and collaborations, students will gain understanding about the importance of performing an engaging live show. 

  Life-long blues evangelist, legendary guitarist, radio host, and educator, Bernie Pearl, will share his history and development of the Blues as one of the original American musical art forms.  Pearl has been central to bringing the blues to Long Beach as the creator and host of “Nothin’ But the Blues” on KPPC, and then KLON, radio stations. Bernie is also a co-founder of the Big Time Blues Festival, one of the first successful blues events in the Southland.

  Shy But Flyy is a young poet and singer helping the arts flourish in Long Beach who also hosts open-mic events throughout the city.  Her band, Shy But Flyy and the Allstarz, have been performing throughout Southern California for several years.  Shy’s youthful enthusiasm combined with Pearl’s experience will create a dynamic and engaging experience for the students to enjoy. 

  Students and their parents attending Blues in the School will be given complimentary tickets to the New Blues Festival 4, taking place on Labor Day Weekend, Saturday, September 2 and Sunday, September 3, at El Dorado Regional Park in Long Beach.

  “This is more than a school event,” explains Bill Grisolia, founder of the Long Beach Blues Society and creator of the New Blues Festival.  “It’s a wonderful opportunity for the music and education communities of Long Beach to come together.” 

  For more information on Blues in the Schools and the Long Beach Blues Society, call (562) 762-8317 or visit


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