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Wednesday, May 31, 2017

Badass Blues Straight Out Of Houston, Texas: Lovelace Brothers New Single, Tour


   (Houston, TX) - Straight out of Southeast Texas, home of ZZ Top, the late, great Johnny Winter, and Janis Joplin, The Lovelace Brothers have released a smokin' new single, "Leaving," (purchase the single at CD Baby, here) and are readying a U.S. tour for the Summer of 2017, Billy Lovelace, the group's guitarist-vocalist and principal songwriter, has announced.

  The Lovelace Brothers, who made their mark in Houston's underground blues scene, are truly one of Houston's Best-Kept Secrets. The Lovelace Brothers are fronted by Texas Blues guitarist Billy Lovelace Jr., with other band members being brother (drummer) Paul Lovelace and (bassist) Sean Lewis. They own a heavy Texas Blues sound "Selling Your Soul at the Railroad Tracks...the Dark Blues...Dirty and Heavy," asserts Lovelace. They're once again primed and ready to "electrify you with their talent, music, and live shows and brand of music called "Texas Electric Blues."

                                 About...The Lovelace Brothers 

   In the mid 1970’s, a young 10-year old named Billy Lovelace started his career and love of music with, in his words. “A Beat Up Norman Electric”. Playing the guitar was a natural gift and talent for Billy, one that started him on the path to creating his own sound and gift of performance. Under the training of historically great artists and the direction of Tower of Power’s Saxophonist  Dick Wilkie, and Audio Engineering from Les Williams. He soon moved to Los Angeles, working in the music industry at recording studios while also performing with many popular bands, honing his craft and growing his name.

  "We are from a somewhat of a music-involved family," explains Billy Lovelace Jr. "On my father’s side, my grandfather owned in the 1950s – 70s KOGT in Orange, Texas where his father (Bill Lovelace Sr.) was a disc jockey. My uncle owned a blues bar in Austin called Mamma’s Money, which I was told, The Fabulous Thunderbirds played at, among others. I also had a few uncles that were musicians. On mamma’s side there were some gospel & bluegrass groups. If I wasn’t in the music business, I would probably have been a chef or in the fishing and boating business. But that’s another story."

  In December of 1996, Billy was shot by an unknown assailant. Upon moving back to Houston in 1987, Billy teamed with brother Paul in Houston-based bands, Symon Bar Sinister and Think Tank, the latter band achieving some big-time prominence in Houston, with Music News writing, "Think Tank is a Texas blues-rock band in the style of Stevie Ray Vaughan-meets-Jimi Hendrix. In fact, they played a couple of tunes by both artists that would've made old Jimi and Stevie proud." From there, Think Tank morphed into what is today the Lovelace Brothers with fellow Houstonians, brother Paul Lovelace on drums and Sean Lewis on bass.

  Now, it's the start of a whole new beginning for The Lovelace Br others. "We just released “Leaving” an original, and “Come On” by New Orleans blues great Earl King. The next songs to be released will be another original, & “Going Down” by Freddie King. And then, the sky's the limit!"

   "Texas is a major influence. We’re from Southeast Texas. I was born in Louisiana but raised as a child in Orange TX. which borders Louisiana, so being raised on the border, Louisiana is a dominate influence as well." 

               Billy Lovelace Jr., in an interview with INDIE PULSE MUSIC

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