Monday, September 19, 2016

Davy Knowles - Three Miles from Avalon - New Release Review

I just had the opportunity to review the newest release, Three Miles From Avalon by Davy Knowles and it's quite good. I first heard Knowles on television with Back Door Slam and I was impressed. Glad to see his work surfacing again. His new release opens with Ain't Much Of Nothin', a driving blues rocker, Davy Knowles on vocal and guitar sets the stage with solid guitar guitar riffs and backed by Bryan Doherty on bass, Andrew Toombs on Hammond and Michael Caskey on drums. What You're Made Of is a solid rocker with sailing guitar riffs and nicely blended backing vocals by Caskey and Doherty. On blues ballad, Falling Apart, Knowles does it Gary Moore style with soulful vocals, backed by warm Hammond tones. His guitar riffs are clear and flow like hot mercury over nicely composed minor vamp. Very nice! High stepper, Never Gonna Be The Same, has a real percussive feel with hot slide work from Knowles. His vocals are nicely highlighted by Toombs' organ work and his guitar work is tight and expressive. Very cool. Gov't Row is a highway song with soaring guitar riffs and soothing vocals. This is a real nice radio track without being too polished Very nice! The Oh Yeahs' provide warm backing vocals on Oxford, MS, an old spiritual style track. With only basic backing, this track is very strong. I really like Knowles' guitar work on this track in contrast to the simplicity of the overall track. Title track, Three Miles From Avalon, has an interesting style blending the likes of Black Label Society and Kansas. Knowles vocals are strong and Toombs' key work works nicely in support of strong backing vocals of The Oh Yeahs. Wrapping the release is Willie Dixon's What In The World. This is a very strong blues number with incredible guitar phrasing and chords with a definite feel of Peter Green's Fleetwood Mac. Toombs' organ work works really nicely with Knowles's vocals. This is an outstanding track and a excellent closer.

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