Wednesday, September 21, 2016

Dag Nab Music artist: Jason Elmore & Hoodoo Witch - Champagne Velvet - New Release Review

I just received the newest release, Champagne Velvet, from Jason Elmore & Voodoo Witch and it's outstanding! Opening with fast paced, House Rockin' Boogie #7 and it's a rip snorting rocker featuring Jason Elmore leading the way on guitar and vocal. Joined by Mike Talbot on drums and Brandon Katona on bass this track is smoking! Cool shuffle track, Double My Money, is up next and it's got a great feel. Elmore slings out nicely on guitar with tasty Texas style guitar riffs. Very nice. R&B style Midnight In Memphis has a Rolling Stones (Beast of Burden) feel and should do nicely on radio. Slashing back to the front is Maybe, with it's heavy bottom and scorching guitar riffs. This guy really has a nose for hot riffs and knows how to push it. Excellent! Shine Your Light has an easy sway and a country rock feel. Nice and easy, another track that could easily become a top track. Another jump track, Cross-eyed Woman, has a great bass line by Katona. With nicely blended chords and cool guitar phrasing, this track is really super. Super nice! Opening with fat saturated arpeggiated chords, Lament For Evelyn McHale, pairs guitar leads giving the track a majestic base for Elmore to solo over. Very nice. Another radio style track, Right As Rain, uses it's warm melody, stylized guitar riffs and soft vocals to cut a memorable groove. Acoustic ballad, Wish, shows a more sensitive side of Elmore with arpeggiated chords supporting only Elmore's vocals. Very nice. Land Of Plenty has a real nice groove with solid blues foundations and loose guitar riffs on the top. Instrumental, Champagne Velvet is a super name for this smooth little jazz style track with silky smooth guitar licks laid comfortably on a lightly brushed drum and bass combo. Excellent! A bit more rural on the country blues side, Green To Gone, has real nice acoustic slide work over basic acoustic guitar and vocals. Cool track with nice contrast to the release overall. Closing with a rowdy rocker, Mary Jane, with clever innuendo Elmore tells the tale and then plays with reckless abandon. Excellent closer...a lot of fun!

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