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Wednesday, May 4, 2016

Meet Jennifer Scott Elegance, Playfulness, and Talent Personified

Photos by Jessica Meyer at Beauty by Photography

Meet Jennifer Scott
Elegance, Playfulness, & Talent Personified

Jennifer Scott is an internationally recognized vocalist and pianist who delivers her music in French, Italian, Spanish, Brazilian Portuguese and English languages.  The versatile, elegant world artist possesses the rare innate ability to connect France to Argentina, Brazil, Cuba and Italy through an interwoven tapestry of multiple languages, rhythms and musical styles.  This is not to be outdone by her fresh persona that lends itself to the overall performance.  A free spirit that has maintained a strict discipline to the arts that when combined is “perfetto” personified.  There is little wonder why Ms. Scott is held with such acclaim and esteem across both hemispheres, most notably France.  Her diplomatic performances include such addresses as the French Ambassador’s Residence, the Embassy of France in Washington DC, La Fete de la Musique, the Virginia Museum of Fine Arts, and the Hall of the Americas among others.  The rather playful side of this fascinating talent has found her performing on stage at Bushwick’s Public House and Freddy’s Back Bar in New York state.
Most recently Jennifer has just released her new CD entitled, "Le temps de l'amour".  A compilation of music that is sure to please world music lovers around the globe. Accompanied by her four piece quartet Jennifer delivers a spectacular collection of memorable sounds with a range from the playful, "La vie en rose '16" to the more subtle soft embrace of "Le premier Bonheur du jour".

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On the right: Members of the quartet include Jennifer Scott, Pianist and Singer, Cristian Perez on guitar, Dominic Martinez on bass and Sam Carolla on drums.
The Jennifer Scott Quartet

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