Tuesday, March 22, 2016

Blind Lemon Peel All Stars - Don't Tear my Clothes - New Release Review

I just received the newest release, Don't Tear My Clothes, from Blind Lemon Peel and it's a good time party. Opening with Wear What I Please, a funky R&B style track, you can tell that this band is high on musicianship and entertainment. With David "Blind Lemon Peel" Hale on lead vocal with the expressiveness of David Bromberg, a nice gliding bass line by Hugh McDonald, cool piano work from Joel Diamond and backing vocals by Randi Dokman, Carol Sylvan, Althea Rogers and Janice Pendarvis this band is real entertaining. Funky New Orleans dripping, My Dog made popular by Mr Elvin Bishop has snappy drumming and crisp guitar riffs from Steve Burgh. This was a hot track by Bishop and it's a hot track by Peel. I like the spirited guitar soloing, vocal mixes and the snare ridden drums. Very nice! No Time Off (For Good Behavior) rides low on a solid bass riff and cool keys. With real nice horn backing and raw vocals this track it has some really nice features including an understated warm, T Bone Walker like guitar solo. Excellent! I'm So Horny (The Crack Of Dawn Ain't Safe) is an obvious crowd pleaser and it's country style 2 step bottom even makes it a demand at the venue for dancers! Clever vocals, raw guitar and round piano tones give it a more serious sound, but it's obvious fun! Title track, Don't Tear My Clothes, has a nice easy pace and Burgh digs in deep for some really soulful guitar lead riffs. The background singers really do a nice job giving this track an early Please Please please kind of feel. Lead singer, Hale, plays up the vocal lead and cool horn work gives it a real nice feel. Burgh takes a hard ride on guitar grinding out some great riffs and Diamond lays down some nice key work as well. Excellent! Shuffle track, Shake Your Love Thang' has a real Bishop feel with a deliberate vocal strut over a cool walking bass line. Burgh and Diamond each take cool solos on the track making it another of my favorites on the release. Can't Get Up (Offa That Much Love) is a real hi stepper with a super backing vocals and light guitar backing rhythm. Diamond lays out some nice funky key work and Burgh paints in some cool guitar riffs of his own. Marry My Money has a swinging style and a great walking bass line. Peel has such a cool vocal style it works well against the tight horn work and warm backing vocals. Keys and sax each get nice solos in with nice punch by the brass. Lots of fun! Fat slide work and harp opens Boogie Man Of Love, with it's drone bass line. Very effective! This track has real hot slide and harp work throughout, with great vocal mixes and the bass and drum rhythm is contagious. This track is great! Wrapping the release is the R&B styled !!!! Everybody. This track would more clearly be titled **** Everybody! With it's playful bass line, soulful sax soloing, power horns and authentic shoop style backing, this track is a super fun closer. This release is really quite solid and should be on your list to checkout.

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