Wednesday, September 9, 2015

World Wide Vibe Records artist: Adventures In Bluesland - The American Dream - New Release Review

I just received the newest release, The American Dream, from Adventures in Bluesland and its earthy and resonating. Opening with Blind Lemon Jefferson's One Kind Favor (See That My Grave Is Kept Clean), has an eerie western soundtrack sound with an almost Johnny Cash feel. Support by Don Fiorino on lap steel and Kevin Tooley on drums makes the stark track gripping. 12 bar number, Creepy in The Woods has more of a rock feel ... almost like John Doe. Johnny Cement on bass lays down a cool groove. Gammage handles all of the vocals and also feathers in some cool but understated guitar riffs to spiff the track up. Float and Sting has a swinging rock feel with a Roxy kind of feel. Nice sax work from Robert Aaron adds an polished feel to Gammage's edgy guitar work. I'm Drifting is a very easy going blues based number with some of Gammage's best vocals. Again Aaron steps up with some really nice sax work adding texture to a mostly smooth track. Rocker, Booze, Blues & New Tattoos has a much more raw city kind of styling. This is likely my favorite track on the release with a real cool vibe. Watching The Traffic Flow is a really laid back almost improvisational blues number featuring Gammage on vocal, harp and guitar. Our Lucky Day is a primitive rocker with strong blues roots. A really nice steady rock groove makes for another of the strongest tracks on the release. Clear vocals and straightforward harp work over a driving guitar riff with a little slide guitar on top makes for a cool track. Feel The Music has a solid rock groove and sassy sax work giving the track an early rock feel. Breaking down in the middle for a cool bass line by Cement and again strong sax/key work by Aaron give this track a different feel altogether. Geeshie Wiley's Last Kind Word Blues is a blend between blues and country western. It has a haunting feel and a strong over feel created only by Gammage on acoustic guitar and vocal. Walk On The Beach returns to the early rock format with pure simplicity. I like Gammage's guitar flair on this track giving it a little extra bit, blended with cool sax riffs from Aaron. Latin jazz flavored Come To Me wraps the release with Ferry like vocals and airy sax work from Aaron.

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