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Monday, August 31, 2015

New Release from Hal Leonard: How to Write Your First Song

New in the Hal Leonard HOW TO... Series
How to Write Your First Song

How to Write Your First Song
by Dr. Dave Walker

$16.99 (US)

Inventory #HL 00138010

ISBN: 9781495001932

UPC: 888680029883

9" x 12", 112 pages 

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About the Author

Dr. Dave Walker has been teaching music theory, songwriting, and guitar for over 40 years. He has recorded several video courses and has run two successful websites devoted to music theory and introducing new artists. Dr. Walker has written dozens of articles ranging from academic subjects to artist interviews and product reviews. As a columnist for Just Jazz Guitar magazine, he contributes two regular features, "On Music Theory" and "Music Software." 
Dr. Walker has given talks literally around the world, from Harvard and Yale to New Zealand to Switzerland to Finland. He has taught absolute beginners to university graduate courses in music.


The hardest song to write is your first one. Whether you're an absolute novice or someone who has studied music in college, putting your ideas into an effective song form can be daunting, confusing and frustrating. Enter "Dr. Dave" Walker, your guide to discovering your own process as you complete your first song, making you a bona fide songwriter.

How to Write Your First Song is the latest release in the Hal Leonard "How to..." series that lets musicians focus on areas they want to explore more in depth. This volume:
  • Turns wannabes into songwriters by actually writing a song
  • Works for first-time writers as well as experienced ones who have writer's block or who just want to branch out
  • Gives students the confidence to keep writing by developing their own style as they write songs they like
  • Helps those with no musical training as well as those with degrees in music
  • Covers all major song forms plus instrumentals, game music, and more.
·         Does not require music reading as there is audio for every example 
Dr. Dave wrote this book after years of working with students who desperately wanted to write a song but had no idea how to begin, even if they'd studied at the university level! He will show you that it is an easy and fun process that requires a minimum of technical knowledge but the discipline and process to keep refining ideas until they are as good as you can make them. That first song is a huge hurdle, but when it's jumped the next ones become increasingly easy. This book is structured so that you find your own style of writing, without forcing anyone else's style or techniques on you. There is enough instruction to keep you from floundering, but also a lot of divergent paths for you to explore and find the process that works for you.

The How to... series now includes six volumes, each zooming in on a destinct topic of interest to musicians and written by experts with that specific expertise.

How to Write Your First Song retails for $16.99 and is available from music and book stores or by visiting

About Hal Leonard
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