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Thursday, August 6, 2015

Blooming Tunes Music artist: Diane Durrett - Soul Suga' & Diane Durrett - New release review

I just received the newest release, Soul Suga' & Diane Durrett and it's slinky, funky and soulful. Opening with Show Up Sexy, Durrett leads the way down a funky trail. Ted Pecchio lays down a funky bass line and Yonrico Scott hits the drums just right leaving room for a clever jazzy guitar riff by Durrett. With the attitude of Macy Gray on vocal, Butter's In The Skillet is a solid strut pushed along by Scott and Pecchio and reinforced by Lil Joe Burton (trombone), Daryl Dunn (sax), Miko Bowles (trumpet) and Oliver Wood (guitar). Quiet ballad, All Is Well, has solid radio qualities with Markham White on guitar, Brandon Bush on B3, Chris Price on bass, Massey on drums and Adam McKnight, Caroline Aiken, Deborah Reece and Peggy Johnson Still on backing vocals. R&B track, Be Somebody's Angel, sounds like it's right out of the Impressions songbook. Sweet vocals, tight drums by Scott, Pecchio on bass and nice sax work by Randall Bramblett make this a natural radio track. Push The Push Back has a lot of the '70's -'80's club feel. Pecchio on bass and Kathie Holmes on flute with support from Scott on Vibes give this track it's authentic feel. Continuing with the club feel on Let Go & Let Groove, Durrett shows her love for this style of music and how well her voice is suited to it. Scott's bass work coupled with percussion by Massey and keys by Yoel B'nai Yehuda captures the sound. My favorite track on the release, Sassy Larue has a real nice New Orleans groove including military style snare drumming by Massey and tops trumpet by Bowles and nice trombone work by Burton. Bluesy Woohoo is a sassy number featuring Tinsley Ellis on guitar backed by Yehuda, Scott and Massey. Another sweet ballad, I Know Your Nothings, again shows the better qualities of Durrett's vocal style. Accompanied by Eric Frampton on piano another of the tightest tracks on the release. Bright Side has a soulful sound with a light country R&B feel. I like the vocal blending on this track and it's subtle funk backed by Johnathan Lloyd on trombone, and Jon Maret on sax. Wrapping the release is Lennon/McCartney classic, Let It Be. A solid cover of a classic rock track, with a real nice sax solo by Bramlett and B3 by Ike Stubblefield.

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