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Tuesday, July 14, 2015

Watch the Delta Blues Museum Documentary on MPB!

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Catch the Mississippi Public Broadcasting premiere of
a True Delta Project documentary film,

The Delta Blues Museum Band is featured in a documentary film making its debut on Mississippi Public Broadcasting (MPB) television on July 14th at 10 p.m.!  Check your local listings to find MPB TV in your area. 

(Not in Mississippi? The documentary will be made available online immediately following tonight's broadcast--link below.)

From the Crossroads to the White House follows a group of young musicians on their journey from the Mississippi Delta to the White House to receive a National Arts and Humanities Youth Program Award presented by First Lady Michelle Obama. Five members of the Delta Blues Museum Band performed for Mrs. Obama and guests.

Last year, the Delta Blues Museum--Mississippi's first music museum dedicated to the Blues--was recognized with the award for having one of the best youth programs in the nation. The Museum's Arts and Education program helps preserve the blues tradition by teaching young Mississippians to play and sing the blues. The program, which was originally created by the late Mr. Johnnie Billington, continues to educate blues musicians who help keep Clarksdale's dynamic live music scene alive. 

From the Crossroads to the White House is one of a series of award-winning documentaries about the legacy of the Delta blues from producers Lee Quinby and Erickson Blakney of the True Delta Project.
About Delta Blues Museum
Established in 1979 by the Carnegie Public Library Board of Trustees and re-organized as a stand-alone museum in 1999, the Delta Blues Museum is Mississippi's oldest music museum and the nation's first museum dedicated to the American art form known as the Blues. A 2013 recipient of the IMLS National Medal for Museum and Library Services--the nation's highest honor for museum and library service to the community--and a 2014 winner of the National Arts & Humanities Youth Program Award, the Delta Blues Museum is dedicated to creating a welcoming place where visitors find meaning, value and perspective by exploring the history and heritage of the unique American musical art form, the Blues. The Museum is honored to be a Great River Road Interpretive Center.

Through its DEEPER ROOTS campaign, the museum seeks $1.2 million for new and enhanced exhibits: Expanded exhibits, including those to be housed in the Muddy Waters Addition, will enable the cultural organization to better preserve and display the history and work of blues artists from the Mississippi Delta, and advance the Museum's ability to "tell" stories that inspire and educate future generations about this important American art form.

For online donations or for more information on events or programs, please call
(662) 627-6820, or visit the Museum web site at

The Delta Blues Museum Band in performance at the White House.


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