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Friday, July 17, 2015

Two Live Shows, KUHS Interview, BEN Feature for Dr. Izzy Band

Colorado music mainstays Dr. Izzy Band (l to r: guitarist/vocalist Robert Morrison, lead vocalist/percussionist Dr. Izzy) are enjoying a productive summer, with upcoming shows at the Walnut Room in Denver on Saturday, July 25; and a performance at the Carbon Valley Music & Spirits Festival in Dacono on Saturday, August 1. Dr. Izzy is interviewed in the upcoming issue of leading blues publication, Blues-E-News.
Saturday, July 25 - The Walnut Room, Denver (8 p.m.)
Saturday, August 1 - Carbon Valley Music & Spirits Festival (4 p.m.)
  (FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE) - Colorado music mainstays the Dr. Izzy Band are enjoying a productive summer, with upcoming shows at The Walnut Room, 3131 Walnut St., in Denver, on Saturday, July 25 at 8 p.m. ($10; purchase tickets at; and a performance at the Carbon Valley Music & Spirits Festival at 123 S. Forest Ave. (Centennial Field) in Dacono on Saturday, August 1 at 4  p.m. Free. Info:
 Dr. Izzy is interviewed in leading blues publication, Blues-E-News' August issue. The group is also interviewed and performs live on the "Denver Takeover" program hosted by Henry Archuleta, heard over KUHS Radio/TV on Saturday, August 8 at 2:30 p.m. MST.
   "Dr. Izzy started off the event with a collection of songs from her self-titled issue, and from the opening lines of "Mama Said", it was clear there was magic in the air. "Trouble With My Old Man" and "Your Redeemer" followed, and by the time Dr. Izzy got around to singing "Dirt Bed", there may well have been a few moist eyes in the crowd" - BLUE MONDAY MONTHLY.
   Dr. Izzy Band's 2013 album Blind & Blues Bound is aptly named for their female lead singer/band frontperson Dr. Izzy, who is legally blind. "I always tell people ‘there are so many ways too see’, says Dr. Izzy, who was born with full vision but began to go blind at the age of nine. “You can feel peoples’ energy, discern their mood, through their voices and through the touch of their hand”. Dr. Izzy adds, “I love to go up into the mountains here in Colorado. I can’t see them, but I can smell them! I think I remember what things actually look like, but there’s no way for me to really know at this point. I think I remember what colors look like, but who knows if I’m correct. I know what my minds eye tells me, so that’s what I have to go by”.
   Blind and Blues Bound features the vocals of legendary bluesman, James Cotton, on the opening track, "Matches Don't Burn Memories." The well-received disc was produced by noted Colorado Kenny Passarelli, who co-wrote the hit "Rocky Mountain Way" and has played with Joe Walsh, Elton John and Stephen Stills, among others. Passarelli also plays bass, Hammond organ, and piano on the album, which also features band co-leader Robert Morrison (guitar/vocals); Larry Thompson (drums); and guest musician, Otis Taylor, on banjo.
   Jon Solomon of Denver's WESTWORD Magazine, in a review of Blind & Blues Bound, writes, "On the fiery opener 'Matches Don't Burn Memories' Dr. Izzy digs in, recalling some of Lucinda Williams' grittier efforts...she's equally compelling on the slower, more soulful cuts, such as 'One Last Walk.' Read the entire review here - "Dr. Izzy and her fellow musician's greatest gift is their lyrical and instrumental talent," writes BLUES BLAST. "One cannot deny the power of either. When you're 'Blind and Blues Bound,' troubles can bring triumph!" BMANS BLUES REPORT says, "Matches Don't Burn Memories" features Dr. Izzy on vocals and James Cotton ripping some great harp riffs over a solid 60's style guitar rocker. Sounding at times like Nugent or Marino, (guitarist) Robert Morrison cranks on the guitar. "Soul Dance" has a sultry feel of an 18th Century ballad as articulated by the Brits in the 60's. A cool retro-style track with violin and a crisp guitar solo."
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