Monday, July 20, 2015

Blind Pig Records artist: Albert Cummings - Someone Like You - New Release Review

I just received the newest release, Someone Like You, from Albert Cummings and it rocks! Opening with hot rocker, No Doubt, Cummings sets up a great groove with Reggie McBride on bass, Tony Braunagel on drums and Mike Finnigan on organ. Cummings vocals, blended with Teresa James are prime and his guitar riffs are tight and clean. Excellent! Pop rocker, I Found You has more of a tame sound but Cummings puts his trademark guitar riffs on the track giving it just the right amount of spank. Up Your Sleeve is a real cool shuffle track with fluid guitar riffs and nice double stops. Finnigan has such a great touch on organ just playing a note here and there...but it's the right note at just the right time... not an easy thing to do. A swinging guitar solo ensues and the track really does move. Very nice! So Strong is a quiet ballad with a sweet melodic guitar solo making it a clear radio track. Finally In Love is a clean rocker with a 2 step rhythm. Cummings really has a pretty good voice and his guitar tone on this track is rich! Fluid riffs and a solid snare from Braunagel and icing by Finnigan makes this another solid track. Boogie track, Make Up Your Mind, has a great feel and just the right amount of grind on Cummings strat to perk up my ears. A nice feel for just how much to play makes the difference between average and real nice and this track hits! Slow blues track, Little Bird, my definite favorite on the release starts off with a really creamy blues guitar riff by Cummings that makes you just lay back and breathe. McBride's bass line drives the pace and with Finnigan playing the melodic filler, Cummings controls this track with his soulful vocals and his smoking hot guitar riffs. If you've heard Cummings really dig in before and you're wanting to hear it again...this is it. At over 7 minutes this track is steamy! Peppy swinger Meatlocker, is a quick paced shuffle track with nice jazz influences. Excellent chord selections, crisp percussion and nice guitar lead makes this instrumental another of my release favorites. Understated country blues track, I'm In Love With You, has a nice swagger with authoritative guitar riffs and solid melody line from Cummings. Driving blues track, Old Dog, sets a great groove and Cummings hits every edge with slashing guitar riffs. Finnigan helps to pump up the tension and McBride's walking bass line and tight drum work from Braunagel makes this another key track on the release. Wrapping the release is a hot blues shuffle, Stay Away From My Sister, and Cummings kicks it up a notch with stinging guitar riffs pushed along by Braunagel. Excellent finish to a overall strong release.

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