Monday, June 29, 2015

The Incredible, Irrepressible Trudy Lynn

The Incredible, Irrepressible Trudy Lynn

The Incredible, Irrepressible, One of a Kind Trudy Lynn

Currently nominated for a 2015 Living Blues Award

If you have ever attended a Trudy Lynn performance then you know from experience that the blues lives within this woman's soul.  As you watched and listened you may have recognized that what you were experiencing was not some kind of contrived, elaborate put on stage show.  Oh no there was something much, much deeper going on in front of you.  At a Trudy Lynn performance you sense that you are receiving something directly from the woman's heart and that’s what creates pause as it permeates within us. Plus there’s another upside to a Trudy Lynn performance. There are no airs about her.  Even with all the professional heights she's climbed Trudy remains true to being who she is, both the internationally recognized American blues singer and also, with full humility, the blues singer from humble beginnings in Houston, Texas. Trudy delivers what is deeply rooted within and because that’s what comes out the audience senses that they are receiving something very real and they relate.  Trudy delivers her message without any constraint and so it reaches the audience as being exactly what it is, 100% real. It's enjoyable, passionate, it's the traditional blues being performed the way it should be - from the heart.  That's the Trudy Lynn magic.  So it may come as no surprise to you that Trudy Lynn would be nominated for one of the 2015 Living Blues Awards because so many blues fans have felt this personal connection. She is the incredible, irrepressible one of a kind Ms Trudy Lynn.  If you vote just click on the link below and it will transport you to the list of nominees. You will see the vote button on the right hand side of the page.

American Blues Singer Ms. Trudy Lynn

 Topping Billboard's Blues
Album Chart at #1 in 2014

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