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Wednesday, June 10, 2015

Omnivore Recordings artist: Carl Hall - You Don't Know Nothing About Love: The Loma/Atlantic Recordings 1967-1972 - New Release Review

I just received the newest release (June 23, 2105), Carl Hall's You Don't Know Nothing About Love: The Loma/Atlantic Recordings 1967-1972 and it's incredible! This 19 track release includes 6 singles that were released previously and 13 tracks that have never seen the light of day. Opening title track, You Don't Know Nothing About Love, is an incredibly soulful track and an incredible demonstration of Halls voice. Wow! This is sweet soul music at it's best. Been listening to this all day and it is at the edge... but it is terrific! Just Like I Told You has a 60's Stevie Wonder feel and a solid melody. He'll Never Love You is a terrific track that runs the seam between soul and blues. Great track and great performance! It Was You That I Needed is a super gospel style track again really showing the strength of Hall's music. This is not passive listening... sit back and watch your hair blow back! Classic What Kind Of Fool Am I is an absolute treasure. Yes, most everyone has heard this tune...but not like this! Amazing! Sometimes I Do is another gospel like track with a definite touch of Stevie Wonder. Hall has a voice of his own and man what a voice. Lennon and McCartney's Long And Winding Road has never sounded so great...I mean absolutely incredible! Change With The Seasons is a beautiful soul ballad. The range of Halls voice is astounding and the mix is really super. The release closes with a really different cover of Time Is On Your Side. Hall has such a delicate hand on vocal that can turn to dynamite in a split second. This release is an incredible soul music spectrum in one package. It's really a travesty that this has been mostly obscured for so many years. I haven't given a play by play on every track, but if you aren't convinced that you need to hear this by now, it's probably not your bag. I love it!  

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