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Tuesday, June 30, 2015

Cheap Wine Records artist: Sleepy Eyes Nelson - Hair of The Dog - New Release review

I just received the newest release, Hair Of The Dog, from Sleepy Eyes Nelson and it's a selection of live tracks from his 2015 American tour. Opening with John Lee Granderson's Watch Out Girl, Nelson's vocals are clear and his guitar is strong. Billy Bizor's, She Stays Drunk, is a great foot stomper with classic lyrics and driving riffs. Unemployment Blues is a cool track written by Nelson. A bit more contemporary sounding but with all of the trace items to the original, I like it. Nappy Brown's Night Time Is The Right Time, continues in the finger picked theme and nicely articulated tracks. Lil' Son Jackson track, Young Woman's Blues has always been on the favorite list and Nelson does a real nice job with it using a sliding techniques that I particularly like. I Spent It All has the sounds of rain in the background giving it a particularly nice ambiance. Continuing into Salad Dodger which is uptempo and certainly a blues but almost a rocker. Cool! Lightnin' Hopkins tracks Late In The Evening and Gambling Blues are great with authentic Hopkins riffs. You Don't Steal From Me has a real nice guitar break and traditional style melody. Very nice! Old House Covered In Blues is played on slide guitar and has a haunting quality. Although not a traditional slide sound, I really like Nelson's style. Blind Boy Fuller's Step It Up And Go has a real nice driving rhythm and the real roots of rock. Wrapping the release is Bad Luck Follows Me Around has a ballad feel and a fine story. A cool conclusion to this traditional blues release... oh and I really like toe cover art!

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