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Thursday, May 14, 2015

Painted Rock Records artist: Amy Hart - Live At The Mayne Stage - New release review

I just received the newest release, Live At The Mayne Stage, from Amy Hart and it a soft and rocky blues performance. Opening with In The Zone, Amy plays guitar and performs lead vocals backed by Wally Hoffmann on bass, PT Gazell on harp, Gene Bush on dobro and Matt McDowell on drums. An easy 12 bar blues format gives Gazell a good format to lay in some real nice harp riffs, Hart to show she has taste and flair on guitar and Bush to slide through a few of his own. Nice opener. Blues At The Top Of The Word opens with some cool slide work from Bush and Hart sits down in the groove vocally. Get Ready has a light taste of back beat under the blues rock feel. Primarily a pop track with a good melody, this track has solid instrumentation with quick riffs from Gazell, Hart and Bush. Put Me Back digs a funkier beat but with a "Crossroads" backbone. An understated slide solo from Bush and a cool solo from Gazell as well are nice compliments to Hart's strongvocal performance. Eased down to a country stroll, Blue Eyed Blues has an easy country swing feel. Gazell and Bush add nicely to the overall cohesive feel of the track. Ribcage has a nice blend of Texas blues and pop. Hoffman's bass line adds nicely to this track with Bush and Gazell creating the icing on Hart's solid vocals. Red Dress Blues has a solid R&B style with an understated Buddy Guy feel. Get The Girls Dancin' has a funky rhythm with slide guitar call and response with Hart's vocals. Bluesy ballad, Even Country Gets The Blues opens with a really syrupy silde intro. Hart takes this opportunity to really showcase her vocals and does a nice job. I particularly like solos from both Gazell and Bush on this track which aren't flashy but fleshy. Congratulations, another track with it's feet in R&B, may be my favorite on the release with just the right amount of beat, bite and blues. Rich Ass Daddy is a country 2 stepper with a bluesy feel. With it's standard 12 bard setup, Bush and Gazell each get their turns up front. Wrapping the release is You Drive Me, a blues rocker. Bush takes a fat slide solo on this track and Hart steps up with a little guitar flash of her own.

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