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Wednesday, April 29, 2015

Cleopatra Records Inc.: Canned Heat - Stockholm 1973 - New Release Review

I just received a new, never before released, Stockholm 1973, by Canned Heat and it's really super. Featuring Bob "The Bear" Hite on vocals, Henry "The Sunflower" Vestine on guitar, Adolfo 'Fito" La Parra on drums, James Shane on guitars, Richard Hite on bass and Ed Beyer on keys this lineup rocks! Opening with Let's Work Together the band really gets the audience cranked up. Driving bass line, organ solo, jamming guitar and bear on vocals how could you go wrong. Next up is the ever popular boogie On The Road Again. Hite leads off with wailing harp and never looks back. This band had jam in it's blood and that's exactly what it does. Very cool. Harley Davidson Blues has that country style blues that lets you sit back in your seat and just smile. With Hite's yodeling vocal and again jam like instrumental this track is a good pacing point for the concert as a whole. Election Blues slows the pace down nice and easy. At over 10 minutes, this jam has really super extended guitar and piano soloing giving the band a nice opportunity to shine bright. Excellent! So Long Wrong is a strong blues rocker with gritty vocals from Hite. Wailing guitar soloing on this track stretches the band a bit and trading with keyboard player Beyer gives this track a solid anchor. Shake 'N' Boogie is a solid boogie that lasts more than 14 minutes. Along with Vestine and Shane even Richard Hite and Fito get some pretty extended solos on this track. Canned Heat at it's best! Wrapping the release is another slower blues track along the lines of Jimmy Oden's Going Down Slow ... Goodbye For Now. Hite does a super job on vocals and this develops into a very hot albeit truncated blues jam.

 This is a very cool release showing Canned Heat really jamming and one of the best I can recall.

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