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Tuesday, March 10, 2015

Shantell Ogden Releases "Ghosts in the Field"

Award-winning Americana artist Shantell Ogden will be releasing her new album Ghosts in the Field on April 28, 2015. The seven-song collection follows Ogden’s highly successful Better at Goodbye, which won Americana Album of the Year at the 2014 IMEA Awards, garnering her a whole new legion of fans.

“I feel like I’m continuing to stretch and evolve in my songwriting and vocal delivery as an artist,” said Shantell. “I wanted to make sure people felt full after listening to the album, so I tried to think of it in terms of a menu. I wanted to balance out the deep songs with some lighter toe tapping tunes.”

Each song has a distinct emotional flavor, from the cold, hard truth of loving an addict in “Who Comes First”, to the deep yet hopeful “God Counts Every Tear,” to the upbeat song about a crush “Just a Little.” Perhaps the highlight of the album is the nostalgic “Ghosts in the Field” which Shantell wrote to honor her family’s third generation dairy farm.

“’Ghosts in the Field’ is really a song for anyone who has roots,” she says. “There is such a connection you can feel through the land to your ancestors, especially on a family farm.”

As with her previous album, Ghosts in the Field was recorded at Willisoundz in Nashville, with John Willis producing and playing all instruments but drums, which were played by Steve Brewster. Judy Rodman produced the vocals.

“When I started this album with Shantell, my goal was to honor the songs with tasteful arrangements and make sure we continuing to cultivate Shantell’s unique artistic voice through the production,” said John Willis, producer and multi-instrumentalist. “I believe we’ve done just that with this album.”

The album will be available for pre-sale on Shantell’s website at beginning on April 1, and a special listening event will be held on April 20 in Nashville (more information here). The album will be released globally on April 28 on iTunes.

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