Monday, March 2, 2015

Jazzhaus Records artist: Bernard Allison - In The Mix - New Release review

I just received the newest release (March 17, 2015), In The Mix, from Bernard Allison and it's tight. Opening with Colin James track Five Long Years, Allison kicks out a top notch rocker featuring George Moye on bass, Mario Dawson on drums, Bruce McCabe on keys and a real nice sax solo from Jose Ned James. Allison gnashes his blues guitar teeth on a reprise setting the track on afterburners. Easy blues rocker Call Me Momma has a bit of the New Orleans funky groove and Allison's vocals are smooth. Luther Allison's Move From The Hood has a great blues groove set by Moye and Allison's vocals are perfect. Allison lays into the guitar for some swinging blues solos making this one of my favorite tracks on the release. Tell Me Who, a sweet soul ballad, again shows the strength of Allison's vocals and sets up nicely for smokin solo riffs from James and Allison. Very nice! Something's Wrong has a real hot 12 bar Elmore James feel with hot slide work complimented by McCabe on piano. Excellent! Lust For You has a swampy feel with Mark "Muggie" Leach laying down a really nice B3 solo over Moye's solid bass lead. Allison fuses jazz and blues riffs for a real hot bluesy feel. Very nice! Tyrone Davis' I Had It All The Same has a bluesier feel than the original with a high stepping rhythm and great blues guitar riffs. Freddie King's I'd Rather Be Blind, has a really nice feel with soaring bends and slightly funky phrasing. Leach's B3 work and SRV like riffs contrasted against the groove set by Moye and Dawson makes for a real nice arrangement of this classic. Set Me Free has a real cocky saunter fostered mostly by Allison's vocal delivery. Leach rolls out another classic B3 solo on this track and Allison grinds out another hot solo of his own. Hot! Closing the release is Luther Allison's Moving On Up, a real R&B style blues classic. Moye, Dawson and Leach set a smooth stage for Allison on vocal and guitar to conclude this super new release.

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