Friday, January 2, 2015

Real Gone Music: Grateful Dead - Dick's Picks 13 - Nassau Coliseum 5/6/81 - New release Review

I just received the newest release, Volume 13 of Dick's Picks from the Grateful Dead and the concert is quite entertaining. Opening with Alabama Getaway Garcia wastes no time getting the crowd on its feet and hopping. A wide open guitar solo in this one sets the pace. Continuing with the high energy rock of Greatest Story Ever Told, Weir leads the way. Settling down into a groove with They Love Each Other Lesh has his bass popping and Brent Mydland opens the door with some cool piano. Garcia uses the funky beat of the track to play some otherwise uncharacteristic riffs. Cool! On Cassidy, the easy country rock feel that the Dead developed so well gives Garcia and Weir the opportunity to get a little more progressive in their approach. Jack-A-Roe has a strong country flavor and is one of my favorites on the release. lead by Garcia on guitar and vocal it has that pure feel. Excellent finger work by Garcia on this track is icing on the cake. The Dead's take on Burnetts' Little Red Rooster maintains much of the original blues feel with some over driven guitar tones. Mydland takes a nice organ interlude nicely complimenting Garcia's guitar work and Wier's vocals. Classic Dead track, Dire Wolf is always a favorite with Garcia back on lead vocal. Although not prolonged, Garcia's guitar work on this track is spot on. One of Weir's extended ballads, Looks Like Rain follows with quiet emotion and Weir on lead vocals. On hopped up Big Railroad Blues, Garcia rocks out in a near Chuck Berry style for a refreshing rocker. Weir's Let It Grow has a nice quick moving pace and a twist of Mexico with nice drive by Hart and Kreutzmann on drums and crisp riffs from Garcia. Wrapping disc one is another all time favorite of the Dead, Deal. Garcia leads this track as fresh as the first time. Mydland and Lesh carry the bulk of the load with Garcia on vocal and light guitar riffs. Cutting in at over 7 minutes a good closer. Opening disc two is New Minglewood Blues, a traditional blues track similar to Rolling and Tumblin, with underlying blues riffs but with modern attributes. Mydland takes a nice organ solo on this track and Garcia lays down some pretty hot slide riffs of his own. A nice quiet bluesy ballad, High Time, is up next with Garcia showing some really lush guitar work. Another Weir track, Lost Sailor, has that unique blend of jazz, progression and ballad. Excellent writing. A 42 minute version of Saint of Circumstance is the first really extended jam by the gang on this recording and as a somewhat mid point of the release... very nice. Opening disc three is He's Gone with a Dead style boogie. Weir and Garcia harmonize nicely with sufficient cool guitar work to keep your ears on alert. On Caution/ Spanish Jam the Dead wanders through many different themes from driving rock to jazz. Hart and Kreutzmann take an extended (7 plus minute) drum excursion satisfying that drum itch and leading back into a loose guitar jam. With it's unusual rhythm pattern, The Other One seems a perfect sleigh to ride for yet another instrumental jam. Well constructed and moving, it's over in a moment. Back to the blues roots with Going Down The Road Feeling Bad, Garcia leads the way with a Delaney and Bonnie style. Pulling out all of the blues riffs, this track hits the note. A heavy shot of Wharf Rat is up next with Garcia leading on vocal and guitar. As has become customary, Weir takes the mic for a rocking version of Good Lovin'. On encore is another Dead favorite, Don't Ease Me In. This is a great terrific track to wrap up this mostly rockin' concert.

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  1. That's not a 42 minute 'Saint Of Circumstance' to close out disc 2. The last 30 minutes is a hidden track, a completely different performance from 2 years earlier.