Thursday, January 8, 2015

Pete Herzog/Dennis Walker - Waiting On The Rain - New Release Review

I just received the newest release, Waiting On The Rain, from Pete Herzog and Dennis Walker and it has a rural country blues sound. Opening with Lotsa Rain, a catchy track with Herzog on acoustic guitar and vocal, Dennis Walker on bass and GT Albright on drums it's a compact hit. I Wish Him Luck is an easy 2 stepper. Herzog again handles vocals and an acoustic slide guitar solo on this track. World's On Fire Again has a bit of a folk blues feel with an almost european sound. Cedric Billings adds some alternate bass work on this track complimenting warm backing vocal and jangly slide work. It's Gotta rain has a really contemporary pop sound. This is a track that would really seem to have radio appeal with a light rhythm and cool melody. St. Louis runs right down 12 bar highway. Herzog plays a real nice bluesy slide solo on this track. That Rainy Day is a nicely constructed ballad with a somber feel. Very nice. Arizona is a rockin 2 stepper with a simple beat. Tight, concise and clever. Blues Instead is one of my favorite tracks on the release with a blues basis but country feel. I particularly like Herzog's vocal with Albright's snappy drum work. I'm Thru With You takes the 12 bar on an easy ride with simple accompaniment and slide. Walker steps up his bass lines against David Bromberg like vocal delivery. Cool! Where's My Sun has an easy country feel with a touch of rock (alt country). Hot Today is a soft paced shuffle with a nice call and response Herzog with himself on guitar and vocal and a solid bass line. I Wish Him Luck is a faster paced shuffle with a carefree feel. A walking bass line from Walker and slide work from Herzog dress the track nicely. Wrapping the release is In The Ground with it's grounded bass line and Herzog running blues riffs on acoustic guitar lines behind his vocals. This is an interesting release with short clever tracks, all of which have well rounded melody and execution.

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