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Wednesday, January 28, 2015

Bo & The Bluesdrivers: SoCal's Hardest-Working Blues Band On Tour


Performing Locally: Sue's Tavern in Frazier Park - Saturday, February 7

   “I’m out on the streets again/I’ve been sleeping in my car/I got these worn-out shoes/ Just smoked my last cigar,” drawls the St. Augustine, FL, native known simply as Bo, front-man of Bo and the Bluesdrivers, buttressed by a stinging guitar and a sturdy rhythm section held down by longtime musical partners, Bluesdrivers bassist Brian “Chewy” James and drummer, J. J. Garcia.

   *Bo and the Bluesdrivers perform locally at Sue's Tavern, 3440 Mt. Pinos Way, in Frazier Park, Saturday, February 7. Showtime 9 p.m.-1:15 a.m. Free Info: (661) 245-1100 or


Bo and the Bluesdrivers Cover Story in the December issue of All Access Magazine. Read it here:

   That’s right, Bo & the Bluesdrivers play it like they’ve lived it, paying those hard-living dues, forming from a chance meeting after joining forces at an open jam hosted a decade ago by Chewy and J.J. Ten years after, they’re still together and tighter than ever.

   “From the streets of New York/To the streets of L.A./It seems all the same/Day to day/I’ve been through the darkness/I’ve walked through the light/The streets are all the same/Night after night.”

   The band have performed on special occasions in the L.A. area over the years at clubs and parties of friends, but more recently have started to develop a strong following that has seen them with consistent bookings all over Southern California (full itinerary below).
“The band came together both naturally and organically, with no stress or drama…Just making music that we dig," says drummer JJ Garcia.

    Says Bo: “We’re a band of brothers with mutual respect for each other and our abilities. Always striving to be the best at what we do.”

   A veteran of the Florida club scene, Bo’s travels have seen him sitting in with legendary drummers Buddy Miles (Jimi Hendrix’s Band of Gypsies, Delfonics, Bootsy Collins) and Lynyrd Skynyrd’s Artimus Pyle, before moving from Florida to L.A. fourteen years ago. A world-class guitarist, you can hear his affinity for a variety of genres - from jazz, funk and soul to rock & roll, coming through loud and clear on such originals as “Out In The Streets”; audience favorite “Walkin’ In The Park”; and tasty instrumentals like “Sea Song” (and) “Chillin’”, along with well-chosen covers of classics by Hendrix, Stevie Ray Vaughan, Pink Floyd and ZZ Top, among others.

  Bo’s Bluesdrivers backbeat is provided by the stalwart team of J.J. and Chewy, who have worked together for close to two decades - previously performing in renowned SoCal-based band Stone as well as also currently with the steadily-growing rock group, Judge Jackson. The longtime rhythm section have several national tours under their belts and a resume that includes collaborations with famed horror director John Carpenter, both on-screen and as part of the soundtracks for his films, including Vampires and Ghost of Mars. Judge Jackson has performed and recorded music that has appeared on a variety of TV, movies and sporting events, including Fox Sports and Super Bowl XLV.

  Bo & the Bluesdrivers have just finished recording a new album at Pawnshop Studios, which is slated for release later this year.

               "Out On The Streets" - Bo and the Bluesdrivers 


Feb. 5 (Thur.)            BERGIES                                   Santa Clarita, CA
Feb. 7 (Sat.)              SUE'S TAVERN                          Frazier Park, CA
Feb. 13 (Fri.)             KX93.5 FM LAGUNA BLUES*     Laguna Beach, CA
Feb. 17 (Tues.)              HOUSE OF BLUES                      West Hollywood, CA
Feb. 20 (Fri.)             ARCADIA BLUES CLUB              Arcadia, CA
Feb. 21 (Sat.)            LAKESIDE SPORTS BAR             Helendale, CA
Feb. 28 (Sat.)            MADD BAILEY'S PUB                 Pine Mtn. Club, CA
March 1 (Sun.)          MADD BAILEY'S PUB                 Pine Mtn. Club, CA
March 5 (Thur.)         BERGIES                                  Santa Clarita, CA
March 7 (Sat.)            HARRY'S NIGHT CLUB             Pismo Beach, CA
April 2 (Thur.)           BERGIES                                  Santa Clarita, CA
May 22 (Fri.)              RUN-A-MUCCA RALLY           Winnemucca, NV
May 23 (Sat.)             RUN-A-MUCCA RALLY           Winnemucca, NV
May 24 (Sun.)            RUN-A-MUCCA RALLY           Winnemucca, NV
May 30 (Sat.)             INDIAN HILL MUSIC FEST        Tehachapi, CA
May 30 (Sat.)             DOGHOUSE SALOON              Tehachapi, CA
July 3 (Fri.)                 WINDY MESA                         Page, AZ
July 4 (Sat.)                WINDY MESA                         Page, AZ
Aug. 8 (Sat.)               FIESTA DAYS FESTIVAL          Frazier Park, CA

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