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Friday, November 28, 2014

BGB Music, Inc. artist: Georgie Bonds - Stepping Into Time - New release Review

I just received the newest release, Stepping Into Time, from Georgie Bonds and it's smooth. Opening with the classic St. James Infirmary, Georgie Bonds, singing a capella establishes himself immediately as a solid soulful vocalist. Joined on The Blacksmith, a Robert Johnson rooted blues track with cool rhythm and slide work from Neil Taylor as well as Kenny Githens on bass,Andy Haley on drums, Walter Runge on organ and with a gritty harp solo from Buddy Cleveland this is a real nice track. On swing jazz track, What More?, Bonds really takes the track for a ride and sax work from Dave Renz adds a heavy warmth. Harry Jacobson whips down a slick guitar solo as well. On New Orleans influenced Lord, Oh Lord Haley and Runge really set the tempo and Buddy Cleveland punctuates Bonds fine vocal work. Daily News is a bluesy ballad and Bonds is certainly up to the soulful task. Neil Taylor plays a well heeled guitar solo over the solid organ work of Runge and still regiment of Haley. Very nice! On funky organ track Dyin' Is The Easy Way, Runge and Joey Stout on piano set a nice pace. Bonds is certainly up to the challenge, James White plucks some fine bass riffs and Taylor rips it wide open with a screaming guitar solo. Another strong soul ballad, Calling Your Name is a cool spotlight for Bonds on vocal. A slow dancer this track has basic backing from Runge on piano and Haley on drums. Kicking it up to full funk blues, Going Shopping is pushed along by funky riffs by Taylor, Haley, and Kenny Githens on bass. One of the hottest tracks on the release it features a cool organ solo from Runge and nicely articulated solo from Taylor as well. A fine slow blues, Out Of The Fryin' Pan gives Bonds to really show his blues vocal chops. Taylor lays up a nice guitar solo heavily supported by Runge and Stout on keys. James White is tight on bass and Haley never misses a beat. I Need Somebody is a funky rocker with a Bonds on top and cool harp additions by Cleveland. On Hurricane Blues, Taylor rips some pretty hot riffs supporting Bonds solid vocals and cool bass riffs from Githens. Wrapping the release is John Lee Hookers, Dimples, with a bit more polish than Hooker but still with a nice rawness and broken delivery. I like Russ Joels drum work on this track and think Taylor does some of his most aggressive yet bluesy guitar work complimented by Cleveland on harp and bringing out the rawest vocal delivery by Bonds on the release. A rudimentary delta style track with harp and acoustic guitar take it home. Very Nice!

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