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Wednesday, August 20, 2014

Main Squeeze Records artist - Missy Andersen - In The Moment - New Release Review

I just received the newest release, In The Moment, from Missy Andersen and it scratches a lot of itches. Opening with Rent Party is a cool blues swing track with a touch of jazz. Heine Andersen lays out a nice guitar solo and Sue Palmer is tight on piano. Horn work from Robbie Smith (trumpet), Gerrard Nolan (tenor sax) and Bob Mathes (Bari sax) give it a bit of a club feel. Whole Lotta Nuthin' has a New Orleans feel with marching style drums from Marty Dodson and Ben Moore lays down some nice B3 work. Heine cooks the frets on this track with some hot jazzy riffs. On Latin styled Night Stalker Andersen again plays into a 40's - 50's sophistication. She really has a strong voice and has strong support from vocalists Sonja Mack and Karen Trapane. R&B track More Than Enough has a really strong presence and Andersen's vocals are top notch. Light instrumental accompaniment of light drums and B3 and punctuation but the horn section makes this one of my release favorites. Better Or Worse has a bit of a Chicago blues style featuring James Harman on harp and Nathan James on guitar. On No Regrets, roots in gospel can be heard cemented in Andersen's vocal styling and the warm B3 key work from Moore. Very nice! Same Things Make You Laugh Will Make You Cry is a R&B style number with great delivery from Andersen. Soild rhythm work, B3 backing and horns give this a true feeling of the age of R&B. Reach Out is an easy going blues number with a real twist of gospel. I really like Anderson's feel on this track and the backing vocals of Mack and Trapane as well as the nice walking bass line of Michael McKinnon and stirring guitar solo by Heine Andersen make this one of the most memorable tracks on the release. Ladies Shoes is a real down and dirty blues number with Andersen digging in deep. I really like the contributions of Heine Andersen on guitar on this track which are inspired. Funky rhythms on Hey Now! highlighting the percussion work of Christopher Hoffee and Moore on B3 nicely compliment Andersen's vocal work. Wrapping the track is I've Been Walkin' gets a nice "revival" feel going but with a bit of twang. Nice vocal call and response between Andersen and Mack/Trapane and strong support from Sue Palmer on piano and Marty Dodson make this a real uplifting end to a cool release.

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