Monday, May 5, 2014

Delmark artist: Giles Corey - Stoned Soul - New release review

I just received the newest release, Stoned Soul from Giles Corey and it's a blast. Opening with funky blues rocker, Oh, Mademoiselle; Corey establishes his ground on vocal, paired nicely with Marty Sammon on keys, the driving bass lines of Joewaun Scott and straight up drumming of Rick King. Stepping up with both hot riffs and slide guitar Corey shows he means business. On Morning Train the track has a lighter bluegrass/jazz feel with intro by Pat Otto on mandola. Corey splays the guitar on this track laying it wide open. Don't Let The Green Grass Fool You has a R&B/gospel feel and backing singers Diane Madison, Mae Koen and Nanette Frank help to showcase some of the best vocals on the release. Breaking into a full foot stomping tent raising frenzy Corey gives his fretboard a workout. Very nice. Time Flies When You're Drunk is an easy going shuffle track featuring Otto again on mandola and smart piano work from Sammon. Pork & Beans doesn't mess around coming out blowing flames. Maintaining a funky guitar rhythm and tight drum pattern, the band cooks up a real pressure cooker here. A rip roaring guitar solo isolates the quiet funk from the intensity that this track delivers. Gary Clark Jr.s' Bright Lights gets a slight rework on this cut but retains the intensity of Clark's own performance. Sammon plays some sparkling Rhodes piano work on this track and Corey does not hold back when he opens it up on guitar. Super! Rita, a funky rocker, has a fat slide part that echoes the melody and eventually takes center stage. Nice. Right On! has an easy jazz intro but a bluesy melody ... a radio style track with solid structure. Again, strong backing from Koen, Madison and Frank play a key role in the execution of the track. Laid back, It's All Been Said Before puts you in mind of Van Morrison or Jerry Garcia. Otto again stepping up on mandola adds to that "country" feel ... this tracks floats on air. Watch Myself Go Crazy gets the R&B groove with a glisten of pop jazz. Rhodes piano work from Sammon and light crisp drum work from King keeps it simple for Corey who delivers a Steely Dan like guitar work over poetic lyrics. That Girl Is Bad takes the high road with a grinding slide rhythm filler and Mitch Mitchell like drum work. A tight rocker, this this track does take a breath for a keyboard solo but drives on hard throughout. Nice! Home Is On My Mind is a rolling rural ballad with a contrasting slide against triplet guitar riff. Nice touch. Every Time I See Your Face is an easy shuffle with a Randy Newman feel. Stylistic piano work on this track and nicely compliments the vocals of Corey and as a wrap to the track as also to the release, Corey lets the slide out and the band turns it up a few notches. Nice conclusion to a very entertaining release.

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