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Wednesday, May 7, 2014

8 Ball Aitken Launches 'HILLBILLY DISCO'

Launching 8 Ball Aitken's 'HILLBILLY DISCO'

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8 Ball Aitken has been touring for the last 5 weeks in Florida and Texas. This month he plays in Tennessee, and also on the Gold Coast of Queensland, Australia.
Parties out in the sticks have a way of snow-balling. At first, it’s just a close circle of friends, and then somebody invites all their cousins, and the good ol’ boys down the road turn up with a truck full of cold beer, and somebody texts the local rockabilly girls. Next thing you know, there’s generators humming, a circle of pick-up trucks (that’s ‘utes’ for the Aussies) are spotlighting the makeshift dance floor, and the farmer’s hay-barn has been turned into a full-on sound and light spectacular, right down to the mirror-ball. The cows don’t know WHAT to think (not that they ever think much). There is a technical term for this uniquely rural phenomenon – it’s a ‘Hillbilly Disco’.

Nashville’s 8 Ball Aitken (a fine Australian export of skillfully-brewed country, blues, & roots) has captured the moment such parties take off in a song, and new video, of the same name. Filmed at a live and local honkin’ stompin’, backwoods free-for-all, ‘Hillbilly Disco’ captures the excitement of a bunch of country characters spontaneously hell-bent on having a good time. They might not be anywhere near a big-city cocktail bar, but they sure do know how to whoop it up, outback-style.

8 Ball’s new album release, ‘Southern Hemisphere’, was recorded in Nashville (USA) and Queensland (Australia), featuring a team of top musicians, including members of Lynyrd Skynyrd, Little Big Town, and members of Emmylou Harris’, and Robert Plant’s bands – as well as a duet with Australian country music legend Troy Cassar-Daly. The album’s first single, ‘I’m Going To Jail’, held the #1 spot for 3 weeks in Australia’s national country music chart, and all eyes and ears are on ‘Hillbilly Disco’, in anticipation of similar (or better) success.

The video for ‘Hillbilly Disco’ is being released to 8 Ball Aitken’s most loyal fans before distribution to the general public and mass media. “This is just one special way I like to thank my fans, who support and promote me so much throughout the year,” he comments. “I make music just for them!”


Fully fan-funded, coming soon to a screen near you is our cartoon video for 'Destroying the World' -- the next release from Southern Hemisphere. Good things are always worth waiting for! Featuring the animated cartoon characters created for some of our favourite fans (including Angie Maxwell, Shayne Soall, and Harley Panagopoulos), the video clip takes you on a wild trip through a science fiction adventure saga (including a return performance by everybody's favourite outer-space crocodile) all the way from Tokyo to the back 40 of a Far North Queensland farm.

We are starting preparations for our next cartoon. If you'd like to be an 8 Ball Aitken music video cartoon character, please contact us.

8 Ball Aitken is touring in North America and Australia throughout 2014. Follow him on Facebook --

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