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Friday, April 11, 2014

Solomon King Riding The "Train" of Critic's Acclaim


    Solomon King recently released his third album, Train. The 9-song disc "walks the line between love and lust, while celebrating getting on with one's life," says King, who wrote all the songs, performs lead vocals and most of the guitar parts on Train (along with noted L.A. session man, Johann Frank). Train is a follow-up to 2011's well-received Medicine. King's 2009 album Under The Sun was Grammy-nominated in the "Best Contemporary Blues Album" category and yielded two songs, "Jack Me Up" and "Frankie And Johnnie," featured in the first season of hit HBO TV series, "True Blood.”

"Blues musician Solomon King's new album Train is an ode to blues with a new sound. A polished and accomplished guitar player, singer, and songwriter. With Blues music being manifested and brought to life by such artists as Johnny Lang, Joe Bonamassa and Solomon King, the genre is destined to thrive for many years to come. 5 Stars (out of 5)".
                                  ATLANTA MUSIC EXAMINER

"Solomon King's Train is his best music so far - with great singing, strong songwriting, and a selfless maturity. Reminds me of early Dire Straits or The Band circa 'Music From Big Pink,' i.e. great music following an artistic vision all in service of each individual song."
                                SUNDAY NIGHT BLUES PROJECT

"On Train; Solomon King finds a way to stay true to a classic blues sound, but still manages to cross into other genres, widening his appeal. Not every musician can pull this off, but King succeeds with flying colors."                                       
                                                   ROCK OVER AMERICA
"Train is a solid album from beginning to end. Solomon pays homage to traditional blues, but plays the Blues in a style all his own. With Solomon King, the Blues are in good hands!"
                                NATIONAL ROCK REVIEW

"King's emotive, story-telling lyrics and music harkens me back to the days of classic, soulful grooves straight out of Muscle Shoals. 'Slo Blues is an easy classic after-hours tune tastefully done with a nice slow-hand feel on the guitar playing. If you like singer-songwriter music that covers a gamut of musical stylings and leaves a lasting impression then I recommend Train for many listens."
                                                     GUITARZ FOREVER

"After listening to Train I must once again put this music into a category for which the term brilliant is first and foremost. Packed with truly great tunes from beginning to end. A really great album from one of the better singers, songwriters, and guitarists performing nowadays. Highly recommended."
                                     BLUES UNDERGROUND

"It doesn't take much of this album to see that Solomon king has a pretty firm grasp of the blues...from the slow burn of "Slo Blues" to the roots-rock of "Country Song," King shows he knows how to produce a groove with the guitar."
                                      OC MUSIC EXAMINER

"I just received the latest release Train from Solomon King and its quite good. Cool guitar riffs appear throughout. 'Bad To Me' has a blues rock beat with a nice back beat. 'Country Song' actually puts me in mind of a mellow version of Sweet Jane. If there's a radio track here, this is it!"
                                     BMANS BLUES REPORT

"There are those who simply play the blues and some people who have lived them and there dudes like Solomon King who have done both. Train is a tasty collection of blues that walk the line between love and lust and celebrate getting on with life."
                                                     ROCKWIRED MAGAZINE

"This Train is more powerful than any you might have ridden in the past and Solomon King is riding the rails high and proud. His mellow-toned voice and delicate yet distinctive guitar style is smooth and masterful."
                                 XOMBIEWOOF MAGAZINE

"Solomon King's diversity makes Train a special set, indeed...he revisits his South Central (L.A.) days with the scorching funk of "Bad To Me," and again with the thundering tones of the title cut."



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