Thursday, April 24, 2014

Ironing Board Sam's Jazzfest Surprise

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Ironing Board Sam Returns to Jazzfest - with something special!
MM Staff Presents Sam with a Jazzfest Surprise!

Tim and Corn, in their spare time, have been scouring the local craft stores, buying up all the rhinestones they could find, and working in secret on a special project. All so that Ironing Board Sam, when he plays at Jazzfest this weekend, could have a keyboard similar to one he played in the 1970s. As you can see in the video, this bedazzled instrument is mounted on an ironing board, and is held over Sam's shoulders with a special strap. The keyboard is battery powered, so Sam can take it anywhere! Even, as you know he likes to do, into the crowd.
Ironing Board Sam Gets a New Keyboard
Ironing Board Sam Gets a New Keyboard

If you're at Jazzfest this weekend, Sam will play on Saturday the 26th at 12:20pm in the Blues Tent - but if you don't know where that is, just follow the sparkle. The keyboard, combined with Sam's purple sequined suit, should make sure you find him wherever he is!
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Diggin': Berk's thoughts on "King Bee" 

Berk, our dedicated Intern/Volunteer, wrote about Captain Luke's "I'm A King Bee," featuring Cool John Ferguson for this week's Diggin'. His vision of the song features a lazy bumble bee, and it's not too hard to hear why. Check out the track, Berk's Diggin', and a link to Tim and Captain Luke on NPR's StoryCorps here!
Listener's Circle out this week!
April's Listener's Circle is all about the Electric Blues - spring is really here and it's time to roll down those car windows (after the pollen goes away) and let people hear the awesome tracks on Listener's Circle #6! If you're not already in on this exclusive membership featuring limited release compilations every other month, read more about it here!
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