Monday, March 3, 2014

Polly O'Keary and The Rhythm Method - Compass - New Release Review

I just received the newest release, Compass, from Polly O'Keary & the Rhythm Method and it's powerful. Opening with Fool's Gold, kind of a funky Whiskey Train or Come To Papa style track with thick female vocals from O'Keary and cool wahwah enriched guitar work from Clint " Seattle Slim" Nonnemaker. Summer has a light poppy sound with a twist of country. Tommy Cook is tight on drums but to my ear it's O'Keary on bass that makes this track special. Nothing Left To Say has a 60's soundtrack sound highlighted by Spanish horn work from Greg Lyons (trumpet) and Mike West on sax. Slick surf guitar work from Nonnemaker is actually quite cool. Your Honor is an R&B style track featuring some of the best vocal work from O'Keary. Nonnemaker lays down some really nice melodic phrases on guitar making for a nice package. Harder Than It Has To Be has a shuffle feel with Arthur Migliazza rolling keys and Nonnemaker again stepping up for a cool solo. Stop, Train is a blues rocker with a tight beat and a real nice bass line. Certainly the meatiest track on the release, Nonnemaker, Cook and O'Keary make this track musically tight and solid. How The Mighty Fall is a radio style track with a symmetrical construction and catchy melody. Nonnemaker steps up with another crisp guitar solo on this track breaking the basic symmetry with a Latin flair. Losing You Again is a slow ballad with breathy lyrics. A nice openness is created on this track and Nonnemaker plays simple but clean melodic guitar lead. You Get Me High again features the strong bass riffs of O'Keary with a cool funk beat. Lyons and West are back on horns, almost capturing a "War" like sound. Certainly one of my favorite tracks on the release, this track has a strong feel and the vocals are hot! Another cool solo from Nonnemaker over the funk sets it off nicely. Ouch! Wrapping the track with soul ballad, Let Me Be Kind, O'Keary reinforces the strength of the band as a unit and her own leadership as a bassist and lead singer. Nonnemaker definitely carries his weight with another nicely placed guitar riff, never overplayed but strong. Vocals on this track actually approach gospel as the track builds giving it real power. Nice job!

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  1. She also plays bass in the Randy Oxford band far as I know.