Monday, March 3, 2014

Jack Casady Celebrates Many Years of Rock & Roll!

 “Playing thrills me now more than ever,” says legendary bass player and Rock and Roll Hall of Fame Inductee, Jack Casady. Jack will be celebrating his 70th birthday April 13, 2014.
     As a founding member of Jefferson Airplane and Hot Tuna, Jack Casady’s full driving tone and innovative melodic bass work has defined the role of bass guitar in Rock and Roll for decades.
    Jack’s pioneering approach has brought the instrument to the forefront, liberating the bass from its traditional role as part of the rhythm section. With sweeping chords and stormy melodic lines Jack’s bass distinguished not only Jefferson Airplane and Hot Tuna but also a variety of side projects and recordings with artists ncluding Jimi Hendrix, David Crosby, Warren Zevon, Country Joe and The Fish, SVT, Rusted Root and Gov’t Mule.

"The main issue is I love to play the bass guitar,” says Jack. “The craftwork in really learning the subtleties of the instrument is a lifelong project.”
In 1970, Casady and Jorma Kaukonen found time between Airplane gigs to put together another uniquely named aggregation, the blues-influenced Hot Tuna. “We formed Hot Tuna basically because we were young and had endless energy,” says Casady
Still touring the world today, Hot Tuna shows are an opportunity to witness two lifelong friends coming together to make extraordinary music. “I can’t remember having so much fun,” says Casady, “but also musically being so in touch and in the moment with the music as I am now; where every minute, every note counts on stage. And I find it really unique that I have a situation with a partner over 50 years now where we can just really enjoy the craft of making music together.”
Hot Tuna remains one of the most innovative Rock and Roll bands in American music.

Early Days -
     "Growing up in D.C. in the ’50s was wonderful because it was the crossroads of so many styles — rhythm ‘n’ blues, blues, country and bluegrass music … and at the same time, classical music at Constitution Hall,” says Jack.
     When he was 14, Jack met Jorma Kaukonen, a budding neighborhood guitarist. They formed several bands before Jorma moved out to California to college. In October of ’65, at Jorma's request, Jack went out to San Francisco to join his friend and play bass in Jefferson Airplane. “And there began my career in earnest,” says the bassist who became renowned for his inventive, melodic lines. Jefferson Airplane rocketed to superstardom in 1967 with “Somebody To Love” and “White Rabbit,” making them a cornerstone of San Francisco’s rock scene. Jack’s groundbreaking bass work was a highlight of Surrealistic Pillow. The Jefferson Airplane was inducted in to RRHOF in 1996.

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  • Jack plays on Dean Markley strings.

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