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Thursday, December 12, 2013

Stacks of Soul on New Release Five Finger Discount From Soulstack

Stacks of Soul on New Release 'Five Finger Discount' From Soulstack 

Five Finger Discount is the sophomore release from Southern Ontario roots and blues band Soulstack. Produced by singer / guitarist Jonathan Knight, the album tracks the organic evolution of the band as it continues to grow in musical breadth and depth, picking up where their highly acclaimed first album, Big Red, left off. The ever creative, prolific  and often competitive songwriting team of Jon Knight and Mark Wessenger once again bring beautiful melodies and poignant lyrics to the table, that have been expertly captured on Five Finger Discount. The band’s return to Canterbury Music Company studio with famed engineer Jeremy Darby has once again proven to be a soulful, sonic success.
With the addition of guitarist Chris Latta on tremolo-soaked baritone and standard guitars, and the huge bass chair being shared by Harpo Peterson and Josh Knight, the album’s sound is full and deep with layers of pure heart and soul.  With his heavy and thick grooves, award-winning drummer Tom Bona shines throughout and provides the band with an inspired, rock-solid foundation. From rockers like "Not the Only One", "Fold Up Your Heart", and the impossibly funky "Hangin’ in the Kitchen" to the heart wrenching balladry of "Stay" and "Born to Make Me Cry", the album presents a wide range of musical emotion.
The greasy and gritty approach to that vintage sound of Big Red is carried on and kicked up a few notches on Five Finger Discount. The band wears its influences proudly upon its collective sleeve and will steal the hearts, and ears of fans of the great southern bands of yesteryear. Just ask the thousands of people who witnessed blistering performances by Soulstack this past summer at some of Canada’s biggest music festivals - including Montreal Jazz, Mont Tremblant, Kitchener Blues, and Toronto Waterfront Blues Festival. Recently, Soulstack was nominated for Electric Act of the Year, and Drummer of the Year for Tom Bona at the upcoming Maple Blues Awards. 
Soulstack faithfully walks the path laid out by their heavy stack of influences; the time-honoured traditions of roots, blues, soul and rock and roll.

“…the most righteous sounding this side of Sunday”. - Duane Verh, Roots Music Report
"I could sum up Five Finger Discount in just two words; great groove.  From rockers like Not The Only One to a heart breaking ballad like Born To Make Me Cry the record displays a wide range of emotion.  No matter how you feel at any given time, chances are pretty good that there’s a song amongst these 12 that will speak directly to you". - John “The Rock Doctor” Kereiff

"As expected there is a lot of ’60s style soul and R and B music featuring  excellent vocal harmonies and a whole lot of soul right from the first track". - L.A. Beat
“Their invigorating mixture of whiskey-inflamed vocals, classic-sounding organ work and some super tasty guitar licks all add up to a kind of rootsy realism that is mostly non-existent these days”. - Jeff Monk, Uptown Magazine
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