Wednesday, November 6, 2013

Real Gone Music artists: The Lords Of The New Church - Reissue Release Review

I just received the new reissue of The Lords Of The New Church and it's as fresh as the day it was cut! Opening with New Church ex Dead Boys singer Stiv Bators leads the way for mainstream punk rock. This is a classic track and one that will stick with you. Russian Roulette is up next with a more classic rock format and melodic temperament. Damned guitarist Brian James takes a short solo on this track which shows signs of David Bowie and U2. Question Of Temperature is really a pop punk track with a contagious hook and solid bass by Sham 69 bassist Dave Tregunna and drummer Nicky Turner from the Barracudas. One of my favorite tracks on the release is Eat Your Heart Out with a real punk /rock flair. This track had a great driving rhythm and how can you beat that hook (Rich Bitch...Eat Your Heart Out)! Classic! James plays some really cool riffs on this track. Portobello opens with hot drumming and a more classic punk sound. With melodic weaving contrasting against the raw edge of the music, this track is a slick track with frenzied guitars. Open Your Eyes has a lot of the dark undertow of early Alice Cooper and his rock swagger. Another great track. Livin' On Livin' with it's saturated guitar chord sounds feels like surf music meets the Clash. Great track. Li'L Boys Play With Dolls is a real rocker with flames. Stripped down with mostly vocal bass and drums, this track captures all of the rawness necessary to make a track move and then tattoos it with hot guitar riffs. Smokin! Apocalypso is a hard grinder with a great melody. It reminds of my later favorite post punk bands, The Distillers and a bit of the Ramones and maybe the Decendents. Very cool! Holy War is a great track to wrap the release with it's tight rock beat and cocky swagger. If you remember "The Lords" from earlier or have never heard them before, this release is a real treat and deserves a spin.... I love it.

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