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Friday, September 6, 2013

Blues & Soul Singer Dalannah Gail Bowen Offering Two Free Downloads

Vancouver blues and soul singer Dalannah Gail Bowen was just three months shy of her 67 birthday in 2012 when she released her critically acclaimed recording Them Menz.

Songs from Them Menz have been in constant rotation on the Galaxie Blues channel, Sirius XM, Canadian campus and specialty stations and has been on the Roots Music Report charts consistently for over a year. Now she is offering two songs from Them Menz, Mean Man and The Spirit Within, for free download.

Dalannah's recent performance at the Vancouver Folk Festival received rave reviews from reviewers and audience members. Here is what some folks had to say:

"A surprise hit at the Vancouver Folk Festival, she has a message that deserves to be heard"- Marty Gunther

" A force of nature with pipes that seem to be made for raw soul-stirring blues, the local favorite is equally adept at singing the delicate nuances of jazz classics and spirituals" - Sabrina Furminger,WestEnder

Click here for link to download Mean Man and The Spirit Within or email with your request.  

About Dalannah Gail Bowen   There are many faces and many personalities to Vancouver based blues singer Dalannah Gail Bowen. All of those personalities have something in common – a spark, joy, determination and a fire inside.  She is more than just a singer – she is woman through and through.
Dalannah Gail Bowen is all women – beautiful, tough, talented, nurturing and spiritual.   Born of African-Canadian / Cherokee heritage, Bowen has been music-making for forty years in the Canadian blues, rock and soul scene. Bowen started her musical career with the all-female group The Feminine Touch who toured Canada and the USA opening for acts such The Monkees and The Guess Who.
As an in-demand vocalist, she has performed with or opened for other major artists including Led Zeppelin, B.B. King, Willie Dixon Joe Bonamassa,Taj Mahal and many more. Her 2007 CD recording, Mamma’s Got The Blues, was released to wide acclaim and rave reviews from across the globe.  
“She has a truly spectacular set of pipes and a most commanding stage presence. Bowen, has one of those voices that lays claim to part of your soul the first time you hear it and never lets go. It's that voice. Smoky. Earthy. Soulful. Powerful. But it's not just the voice. It's what she does with it. So much emotion. So much control.”  (Canadian Musician Magazine)  
Dalannah Gail Bowen’s live performances are known for their powerful and energetic delivery while taking an old-school approach, as well as adding contemporary elements.  As a versatile and knowledgeable artist, Bowen can also be heard performing in a wide-range of musical collaborations, including traditional drum group The Snowy Owl Drummers, Songs of Mahalia Jackson, a tribute to the world-renowned gospel singer and East Van Morrison, a jazz group that performs selections from Van Morrison’s repertoire.  
As an activist and socially conscious powerhouse, Dalannah can be found sharing her gifts and lessons via community work with people in the poorest neighborhood in Canada, the downtown eastside of Vancouver. She uses her music to make a bold statement about injustice and inequality and often participates in protests and marches.  Following her retirement from a successful career in the non-profit sector, challenging health scares and other life experiences, Dalannah Gail Bowen opted to place more emphasis on her music career and began recording her new CD Them Menz at Bakerstreet Studios in Vancouver. She states, “I promised myself that I would live in gratitude for the second chance and share the gift that I have been given - this voice that seems to touch people and connect with them. I have the opportunity to use my voice to share my journey and I love it!”  
With a funky, talented and experienced group of musicians at her side for this recording of mostly original material, Dalannah Gail Bowen proves that she is in her element, singing blues with conviction, passion and love for music. Them Menz features multi-award-winning guitarist Harris Van Berkel on Guitar, Juno winner and Grammy nominee Michael Creber on Keys, West Coast Music CARAS Award Winner and inductee into the Victoria, BC Rock & Roll Music Hall of Fame Brian Newcombe on Bass, multiple Maple Blues Award nominee Chris Nordquist on drums along with a variety of special guests including well-known Juno award winner Steve Dawson. Produced by Dalannah Gail Bowen, Them Menz is a modern blues collection that moves the genre forward in to the future while recognizing and celebrating its roots and history.  
Yes – she has had her share of the blues, but has taken her many life experiences to help make a positive impact in her community close to home and globally. Dalannah Gail Bowen’s voice and strength as an artist is her gift to music lovers; and her heart and compassion are gifts to all world citizens.  

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