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Monday, August 5, 2013

Experience "Indy Blues"/Two Big Planetary Blues Band Indiana Shows This Weekend

Friday, Aug. 9 - Leroy's Hot Stuff, Porter  
Saturday, Aug. 10 - Shoreline Brewery, Michigan City
Experience 'Indy Blues': The Planetary Blues Band, three brothers hailing from Valparaiso, are out to do Indiana proud with the release of their new album, Once Upon A Time In The South Loop. They play two high-energy live gigs in Indiana this Friday and Saturday. For more info log onto or

  (Indianapolis, IL) -  Experience 'Indy Blues' twice this weekend when rising Indiana-based blues/jam/rock group The Planetary Blues Band hit the road for shows this Friday, August 9 at Leroy's Hot Stuff, 333 W. US Highway 20, in Porter; and Saturday, August 10 at Shoreline Brewery, 208 Wabash St., Michigan City. Click on links for additional show information.

"Once Upon A Time In The South Loop"  - What The Press Is Saying So Far

"Someone you want to keep on your to take an older genre and incorporate new and fresh sounds...sound like a band who's been playing on Memphis' Beale street for years. 9 out of 10 Stars."
                                                                           BLUES ROCK REVIEW

"After giving "Once Upon A Time In The South Loop", the latest release by The Planetary Blues Band, just a few listens, I could not come to any conclusion, other than this album is pretty damn good. Consists of ten immensely entertaining extremely talented band that offer up a nice fresh take on the Blues."            BLUES UNDERGROUND NETWORK

"This is what the Rolling Stones would sound like if they were just starting today: a band dedicated completely to the blues..."Blues Resurrection is so deep and so real that you could almost swear you're in some wooden shanty of a blues bar in some Southern backwoods, with the stale smell of smoke and illegal whiskey in the air. Keep an eye on The Planetary Blues Band, folks. These guys are going places."  BOOMEROCITY

"Having characteristics similar to early British blues bands, this album has a fresh, familiar sound...'The Thorns Will Show You' has a real Sixties sound than can easily become a radio player. Definitely an interesting release."                                                          BMANS BLUES REPORT
  'Legend'-ary Memories: At Buddy Guys Legends in Chicago this past May, a capacity crowd of Planetary Blues Band friends and followers were treated to a once-in-a-lifetime memory: Blues great (and Legends proprietor) Buddy Guy joining the group onstage, performing a few songs with the band during their CD Release Party.

  Giving Back: The Planetary Blues Band are presently donating half of their song sales to the Fender Music Foundation charity - @GiveMusicLife #musicforgood.

 This unique trio of brothers (Martin Schaefer-Murray, guitar-vocals; Michael Schaefer-Murray, guitar-vocals; Bobby Schaefer-Murray, bass; also Nick Evans, drums) got their start playing, and being influenced by, the Blues. The band was born in Valparaiso, Indiana in 1999 in their mother's basement, where they spent countless hours learning entire albums by Chicago Blues greats like Magic Sam, Buddy Guy, Junior Wells, and Son Seals. From there, over the course of the past ten-plus years, Planetary has held onto those roots while expanding outward into various other corners of the musical universe.

  "We decided to keep it simple, and write with the Blues as our focus. The idea for this album, and our albums to come, is to explore the Blues genre as fully and concisely as possible." - Martin Schaefer-Murray in All Access Magazine interview (read entire interview here:

  With the release of Once Upon A Time In The South Loop, The Planetary Blues Band take a giant step towards fulfilling their goals - "pushing our new album, getting more radio play, and gigging as much as possible....(also to) work, write songs, and pay tribute where it is due.  
  "We know the blues scene and we know our unique selling points. A plan is in place. Any goal without a plan is a wish, and we have big goals."
  The Planetary Blues Band at Buddy Guys Legends performing during their sold-out CD Release Party in May.


Once Upon A Time In The South Loop CDs & Band Interviews Available. 

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