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Wednesday, July 17, 2013

Ruf Records artist: Dana Fuchs - Bliss Avenue - New Release Review

I just received the newest release, Bliss Avenue, from Dana Fuchs. Opening with the dramatic title track, Bliss Avenue, Fuchs sets the ground work with her powerful voice and Jon Diamond rips some James Gurley like face ripping guitar riffs. How Did Things Get This Way is a straight up blues rocker that could easily find airplay. Backing on organ by Glenn Patscha, Jack Daley on bass and Shawn Pelton on drums round out the track. Livin' On Sunday is a gospel rock style track with a cool soul swing. Vocals by Fuchs, Tabitha Fair and Nicki Richards make this a pretty cool tack. Ballad, So Hard To Move, nice showcases Fuchs' voice with subtle organ work from Patscha and guitar work from Diamond. Daddy's Little Girl takes a pop country twist. Rodents In The Attic brushes blues rock and western music for an interesting track.Diamond on guitar and specific drum work from Pelton reinforce this traditional western sound. Baby Loves the Life is a solid radio ballad but possibly one of the best written tracks on the release. Another track with real country influence is Nothin' On My Mind. This track, although not very bluesy may be my favorite track with under singing and playing but a lot of honest sound. Clever traditional piano and guitar riffs reinforce the old style western sound. Vagabond Wind stays more in the country ballad vein and a much more comfortable spot for Fuchs from my perspective. Her voice melds nicely with the style of music and it just sounds more natural for her. This track is another strong radio style entry but with blues blood has something a little special. Long Long Game ventures even farther into the country with some sounds of rural America. Although the track does develop with addition of a full band, portions are fairly stripped with what sounds like a banjo accompaniment. Another well written track that will stick in your mind. Limited electric guitar soloing by Diamond adds a contrast to the very textural track.  

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