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Wednesday, June 12, 2013

Jimmie Bratcher Explores In, "Jupiter and Mars" On Blues Rock Review Digital Album Sampler

Jimmie Bratcher Explores In, “Jupiter and Mars”
On Blues Rock Review Digital Album Sampler

During the summer months, Jimmie Bratcher will be a part of the Blues Rock Digital Album Sampler for his song, “Jupiter and Mars”, from his release, “Secretly Famous”.
 “I wrote most of the songs on Secretly Famous and had the honor of co-writing the opening track, ‘Jupiter & Mars,’ with my son Jason,” says Bratcher. “The song was Jason’s idea and once I read the first line – ‘Blinding light, flash of chrome, hot-head blonde in a tricked out Ford’ - I was hooked. There’s also something about my playing on this song that is just wrong enough to be right and the groove drags you into the song so you can’t help but feel it. All the songs I wrote on Secretly Famous are for people like me.  People that hurt, that love, that laugh people that need to forget about their troubles and enjoy life.”
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