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Wednesday, June 5, 2013

Gina Sicilia Will Perform At The Bing Lounge June 21st


Gina Sicilia Will Perform At
The Bing Lounge June 21st
KINK-FM Presents Unique Live Streaming Music Experience

Vizztone Recording Artist Gina Sicilia will perform live at the music streaming Bing Lounge on June 21 at 12PM (Noon) Pacific Time with her band. The performance will take place at the KINK-FM station in Portland, Oregon. Gina will perform songs from her newest release “It Wasn’t Real”, that came out earlier this spring to rave reviews.
The Bing Lounge has become a virtual hot spot for music acts across the spectrum, and after the streaming, KINK-FM will archive it for later use and viewing.
You will be able to watch it from their channel:
Produced by Grammy-winner Glenn Barrett, It Wasn’t Real was recorded at Morningstar Studios in Gina’s hometown of Philadelphia, and features the singer backed by a cadre of local all-star session players who bring a soulful intensity that matches Sicilia’s emotionally-charged vocals. 
The new album’s nine original songs showcase Gina’s growth as a songwriter who can deal with universal themes of love and fate, but is able to inject a personal deep-felt longing throughout with her commanding vocal style. The lone cover is a scintillating re-working of the great Etta James’ 1961 hit, “Don’t Cry Baby.” 
 “These songs mean a lot to me,” Gina says. “My goal is to write in a way that’s observant and soulful, and to get at the pleasures and the pressures of love, joy, family, and responsibility…all the complexities that are part of living. And with Glenn’s help and the support of the great band he put together, I think I’ve made my best album.”
So grab a bite and or a coffee, and check out Gina!

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