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Wednesday, May 1, 2013

Live On - Solomon King - New Release Review

I just received the newest release, Live On, by Solomon King and it has an interesting flair. This is a soundtrack and companion cd relating to Phil Spector and his demise. The movie is really a bonus to the cd which is the primary part of the package. It reruns a possible scenario at Phil Spector's place with a young wanna be singer working Phil for a break and exploring Spector's lust for younger women and strange sexual fetishes. Let's just say it's visually interesting. The cd opens with a classic Spector tune, Be My Baby, with King on vocal and guitar and our old buddy Don Heffington on drums. It was a great track when it was written and here it is stripped down to it's basics. Next up is Shakedown, a dance track featuring mostly programmed music and King on vocals. Not bad. Baby Does Me Good has a real Bo Diddley sound with a real muffled distorted guitar sound and Heffington again on drums. Real cool track. Trouble has a period sound and is primarily King on vocals and Heffington on drums. This track is mostly atmospheric and sound a bit like Lou Reed in his moodiness. Don't You Love Me No More? is a loose blues along the lines of dust my broom. King uses a simple guitar and vocal style and Heffington is a pro just keeping things tight and in line. This track does have a cool whacked out blues solo on it that I liked. My Father's Watch is a cool track and is a pretty strong composition maybe reminiscent of Leonard Cohen. Looking For You is a fuller band production brushiing rock with horns and keys. Make You Mine is a cool boogie track again, just King and Heffington. Keeping it really stripped down and loose this is the best track on the release. Suicide is a full blown rocker with slide guitar and vocal distortion. Hotter guitar riffs are let out on this track and could blow your hair back in the right situation. Under The Sun is a slower blues boogie with strong bass support from Reggie McBride, harp by Jimmy Powers and drums by Ollie Brown. The release is wrapped by Medicine, a slow blues ballad again only Heffington and King. This is a cool track keeping it solemn and quiet. Very effective for the ending of the release.

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