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Friday, May 10, 2013

Big Jake Records artist: Paul Filipowicz - Saints & Sinners - New Release Review

I just received the newest release, Saints & Sinners, from Paul Filipowicz and I really like it. This cd doesn't have pretty singing and it doesn't have perfectly manicured guitar riffs... but what it does have is great! Opening with Hound Dog Shuffle, and plodding blues instrumental, I know right away I'm gonna like this guy. Simple, straight forward, not perfect but raw and interesting. Spontaneous riffs, driving drums and grit! Bluesman, has a more distinct Albert King style blues funk and the guitar maybe sounds a little like Albert Collins... but this is great stuff. Filipowicz knows how to tell the story and lack or over production to me is a thing of beauty on something like this. Your True Lovin' has a bit of a lope to it and a lot of feel...this is the real deal. If you have been reading my reviews for a while you know I don't so much like "purty" and do like dirty and gritty... this is it! Hootin' and Hollerin' has a great bass by Dave Remitz and Filipowicz sounds scarily like my man Jimbo Mathus on vocals. With a Mustang Sally groove this is a great track. This is pure party stomp music! Filipowicz rips the fretboard up on this track ... I mean the guy isn't Joe Satriani... he's really good and playing blues! Excellent! Good Rockin' is a real driver with a walking bass line and Harris Lemberg on keys. ... did I mention Jimmy Voegell on drums. This is an excellent rock n roller with the drive of Alvin Lee but with the pace of a traditional blues man. Oh, and I have to mention his guitar tone... it's absolutely outrageous!! Filipowicz slows things down a bit on "Fat Richards" Blues. This is a great ripping slow instrumental. If you love slow guitar blues..and who doesn't, this is a terrific heartfelt dagger! Just sit back and let it tear you to shreds! Where The Blues Comes From has a little tint of Jimi added in but it is subtle. Raggedy ass vocals add to the real human nature of this track and I wouldn't change a thing. Everyday - Everynight is a bit of a swing blues more typical of Ronnie Earl and Filipowicz once again shows that he is up to the task. Such raw grinding blues playing I haven't heard in a long long time. I don't know where I've been but this guy is hitting me like a meteor from light years away. Hey Bossman is a great boogie track again keeping the raw texture but not losing any of the tightness of the band as a unit. Think La Grange but with a bit more drive and a little less BDG. Another great track. There are 3 bonus tracks included on this release including Clarence Carter's Back Door Santa, a more polished funky blues track with Will Smokey Logg on guitar, Fat Richard Drake on sax, Randy Joe Fullerton on Bass, Rob Strupka on drums and Chuck Solberg on piano. This band also plays on the next two tracks as well. These tracks are a bit more polished and recorded back in 1982. Drake plays a killer sax on this first track. Wolf's How Many More Years is hard bass driven and displays almost 7 minutes of machine gun guitar riffs. Great track. This release finishes up with Original Texas Strut, a fast mover that Stilladog would be struggling to keep up with. Rippin guitar solo and sax playing complete this short outro. Don't know what to make of this review? Make your way to the closest place selling this cd and buy it! If this guy comes to my town...I'm not missing it!! This captures the spirit of Hound Dog Taylor, ZZ Top, Johnny Winter and Buddy Guy but doesn't sound like any of them. This thing will grow on you... I warned you!

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